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Association of blood lead levels with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms among Chinese pregnant women in Wuhan city.

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A proposal for assessing study quality: Biomonitoring, Environmental Epidemiology, and Short-lived Chemicals (BEES-C) instrument.

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Hypertension, preeclampsia and eclampsia among HIV-infected pregnant women from Latin America and Caribbean countries.

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Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in pregnancy: insights from the cardiac hemodynamic imaging and remodeling in pregnancy (CHIRP) study.

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Comparison of isotope dilution with bioelectrical impedance analysis among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected pregnant women in Tanzania.

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Maternal anemia in pregnancy: assessing the effect of routine preventive measures in a malaria-endemic area.

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Intermittent oral iron supplementation during pregnancy.

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Single blood-Hg samples can result in exposure misclassification: temporal monitoring within the Japanese community (United States).

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Maternal nutritional status in early pregnancy is associated with body water and plasma volume changes in a pregnancy cohort in rural Bangladesh.

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Hematological problems of pregnancy.

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