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Regulatory mechanisms that prevent re-initiation of DNA replication can be locally modulated at origins by nearby sequence elements.

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High-resolution analysis of four efficient yeast replication origins reveals new insights into the ORC and putative MCM binding elements.

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Ease of DNA unwinding is a conserved property of yeast replication origins.

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Specific initiation at an origin of replication from Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

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Functional conservation of multiple elements in yeast chromosomal replicators.

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Computer modelling of DNA structures involved in chromosome maintenance.

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An ARS element from Drosophila melanogaster telomeres contains the yeast ARS core and bent replication enhancer.

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Amplification of the X-linked Drosophila chorion gene cluster requires a region upstream from the s38 chorion gene.

Spradling AC, de Cicco DV, Wakimoto BT, Levine JF, Kalfayan LJ, Cooley L.

EMBO J. 1987 Apr;6(4):1045-53.

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