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Genetic conflict reflected in tissue-specific maps of genomic imprinting in human and mouse.

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Analyses of allele-specific gene expression in highly divergent mouse crosses identifies pervasive allelic imbalance.

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Detection theory in identification of RNA-DNA sequence differences using RNA-sequencing.

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Known unknowns for allele-specific expression and genomic imprinting effects.

Gregg C.

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A flexible Bayesian method for detecting allelic imbalance in RNA-seq data.

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Quality control method for RNA-seq using single nucleotide polymorphism allele frequency.

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Genetic differentiation of hypothalamus parentally biased transcripts in populations of the house mouse implicate the Prader-Willi syndrome imprinted region as a possible source of behavioral divergence.

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Different yet similar: evolution of imprinting in flowering plants and mammals.

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Genomic imprinting: theories and data.

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Natural epigenetic polymorphisms lead to intraspecific variation in Arabidopsis gene imprinting.

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Allele-specific expression and eQTL analysis in mouse adipose tissue.

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Snx14 regulates neuronal excitability, promotes synaptic transmission, and is imprinted in the brain of mice.

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Representing sex in the brain, one module at a time.

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Extensive and coordinated control of allele-specific expression by both transcription and translation in Candida albicans.

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Using next-generation RNA sequencing to identify imprinted genes.

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Maternal bias and escape from X chromosome imprinting in the midgestation mouse placenta.

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The Gpr1/Zdbf2 locus provides new paradigms for transient and dynamic genomic imprinting in mammals.

Duffié R, Ajjan S, Greenberg MV, Zamudio N, Escamilla del Arenal M, Iranzo J, Okamoto I, Barbaux S, Fauque P, Bourc'his D.

Genes Dev. 2014 Mar 1;28(5):463-78. doi: 10.1101/gad.232058.113.

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