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A report on older-age bipolar disorder from the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Task Force.

Sajatovic M, Strejilevich SA, Gildengers AG, Dols A, Al Jurdi RK, Forester BP, Kessing LV, Beyer J, Manes F, Rej S, Rosa AR, Schouws SN, Tsai SY, Young RC, Shulman KI.

Bipolar Disord. 2015 Nov;17(7):689-704. doi: 10.1111/bdi.12331. Epub 2015 Sep 19. Review.


Widespread changes in white matter microstructure after a day of waking and sleep deprivation.

Elvsåshagen T, Norbom LB, Pedersen PØ, Quraishi SH, Bjørnerud A, Malt UF, Groote IR, Westlye LT.

PLoS One. 2015 May 28;10(5):e0127351. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0127351. eCollection 2015.


Using structural MRI to identify individuals at genetic risk for bipolar disorders: a 2-cohort, machine learning study.

Hajek T, Cooke C, Kopecek M, Novak T, Hoschl C, Alda M.

J Psychiatry Neurosci. 2015 Sep;40(5):316-24.


White matter structure in youth with behavioral and emotional dysregulation disorders: a probabilistic tractographic study.

Versace A, Acuff H, Bertocci MA, Bebko G, Almeida JR, Perlman SB, Leemans A, Schirda C, Aslam H, Dwojak A, Bonar L, Travis M, Gill MK, Demeter C, Diwadkar VA, Sunshine JL, Holland SK, Kowatch RA, Birmaher B, Axelson D, Horwitz SM, Frazier TW, Arnold LE, Fristad MA, Youngstrom EA, Findling RL, Phillips ML.

JAMA Psychiatry. 2015 Apr;72(4):367-76. doi: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2014.2170.


Diffusion tensor imaging in first degree relatives of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder patients.

Arat HE, Chouinard VA, Cohen BM, Lewandowski KE, Öngür D.

Schizophr Res. 2015 Feb;161(2-3):329-39. doi: 10.1016/j.schres.2014.12.008. Epub 2014 Dec 24. Review.


The Kraepelinian dichotomy viewed by neuroimaging.

d'Albis MA, Houenou J.

Schizophr Bull. 2015 Mar;41(2):330-5. doi: 10.1093/schbul/sbu174. Epub 2014 Dec 22. Review.


Myelin vs axon abnormalities in white matter in bipolar disorder.

Lewandowski KE, Ongür D, Sperry SH, Cohen BM, Sehovic S, Goldbach JR, Du F.

Neuropsychopharmacology. 2015 Mar 13;40(5):1243-9. doi: 10.1038/npp.2014.310.


Multimodal assessments of the hippocampal formation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: evidences from neurobehavioral measures and functional and structural MRI.

Knöchel C, Stäblein M, Storchak H, Reinke B, Jurcoane A, Prvulovic D, Linden DE, van de Ven V, Ghinea D, Wenzler S, Alves G, Matura S, Kröger A, Oertel-Knöchel V.

Neuroimage Clin. 2014 Aug 23;6:134-44. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2014.08.015. eCollection 2014.


Integrated neurobiology of bipolar disorder.

Maletic V, Raison C.

Front Psychiatry. 2014 Aug 25;5:98. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2014.00098. eCollection 2014. Review.


Aging changes and medical complexity in late-life bipolar disorder: emerging research findings that may help advance care.

Sajatovic M, Forester BP, Gildengers A, Mulsant BH.

Neuropsychiatry (London). 2013 Dec 1;3(6):621-633.


GRIN2B gene and associated brain cortical white matter changes in bipolar disorder: a preliminary combined platform investigation.

Kuswanto CN, Sum MY, Thng CR, Zhang YB, Yang GL, Nowinski WL, Sitoh YY, Low CM, Sim K.

Biomed Res Int. 2013;2013:635131. doi: 10.1155/2013/635131. Epub 2013 Dec 30.


Reduced white matter integrity in sibling pairs discordant for bipolar disorder.

Sprooten E, Brumbaugh MS, Knowles EE, McKay DR, Lewis J, Barrett J, Landau S, Cyr L, Kochunov P, Winkler AM, Pearlson GD, Glahn DC.

Am J Psychiatry. 2013 Nov;170(11):1317-25. doi: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2013.12111462.


Disturbed resting state EEG synchronization in bipolar disorder: A graph-theoretic analysis.

Kim DJ, Bolbecker AR, Howell J, Rass O, Sporns O, Hetrick WP, Breier A, O'Donnell BF.

Neuroimage Clin. 2013 Mar 22;2:414-23. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2013.03.007. eCollection 2013.


Multiple levels of impaired neural plasticity and cellular resilience in bipolar disorder: developing treatments using an integrated translational approach.

Machado-Vieira R, Soeiro-De-Souza MG, Richards EM, Teixeira AL, Zarate CA Jr.

World J Biol Psychiatry. 2014 Feb;15(2):84-95. doi: 10.3109/15622975.2013.830775. Epub 2013 Sep 2. Review.


Examination of the predictive value of structural magnetic resonance scans in bipolar disorder: a pattern classification approach.

Rocha-Rego V, Jogia J, Marquand AF, Mourao-Miranda J, Simmons A, Frangou S.

Psychol Med. 2014 Feb;44(3):519-32. doi: 10.1017/S0033291713001013. Epub 2013 Jun 5.


Relation between variants in the neurotrophin receptor gene, NTRK3, and white matter integrity in healthy young adults.

Braskie MN, Kohannim O, Jahanshad N, Chiang MC, Barysheva M, Toga AW, Ringman JM, Montgomery GW, McMahon KL, de Zubicaray GI, Martin NG, Wright MJ, Thompson PM.

Neuroimage. 2013 Nov 15;82:146-53. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.05.095. Epub 2013 May 30.


Clinical application of brain imaging for the diagnosis of mood disorders: the current state of play.

Savitz JB, Rauch SL, Drevets WC.

Mol Psychiatry. 2013 May;18(5):528-39. doi: 10.1038/mp.2013.25. Epub 2013 Apr 2. Review.


Microstructural white matter changes in the corpus callosum of young people with Bipolar Disorder: a diffusion tensor imaging study.

Lagopoulos J, Hermens DF, Hatton SN, Tobias-Webb J, Griffiths K, Naismith SL, Scott EM, Hickie IB.

PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e59108. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059108. Epub 2013 Mar 19.


Polygenic risk and white matter integrity in individuals at high risk of mood disorder.

Whalley HC, Sprooten E, Hackett S, Hall L, Blackwood DH, Glahn DC, Bastin M, Hall J, Lawrie SM, Sussmann JE, McIntosh AM.

Biol Psychiatry. 2013 Aug 15;74(4):280-6. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2013.01.027. Epub 2013 Feb 28.


Elevated serum measures of lipid peroxidation and abnormal prefrontal white matter in euthymic bipolar adults: toward peripheral biomarkers of bipolar disorder.

Versace A, Andreazza AC, Young LT, Fournier JC, Almeida JR, Stiffler RS, Lockovich JC, Aslam HA, Pollock MH, Park H, Nimgaonkar VL, Kupfer DJ, Phillips ML.

Mol Psychiatry. 2014 Feb;19(2):200-8. doi: 10.1038/mp.2012.188. Epub 2013 Jan 29.

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