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Do sugar-sweetened beverages cause adverse health outcomes in adults? A systematic review protocol.

Hamel C, Stevens A, Singh K, Ansari MT, Myers E, Ziegler P, Hutton B, Sharma A, Bjerre LM, Fenton S, Lau DC, O'Hara K, Reid R, Salewski E, Shrier I, Willows N, Tremblay M, Moher D.

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Improved dietary intake among overweight and obese children followed from 8 to 12 years of age in a randomised controlled trial.

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Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with components of the metabolic syndrome in adolescents.

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Misconceptions about fructose-containing sugars and their role in the obesity epidemic.

van Buul VJ, Tappy L, Brouns FJ.

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Financial conflicts of interest and reporting bias regarding the association between sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain: a systematic review of systematic reviews.

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A systematic review of the effectiveness of taxes on nonalcoholic beverages and high-in-fat foods as a means to prevent obesity trends.

Maniadakis N, Kapaki V, Damianidi L, Kourlaba G.

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Posttraumatic stress disorder and health: a preliminary study of group differences in health and health behaviors.

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Using doubly labeled water to validate associations between sugar-sweetened beverage intake and body mass among White and African-American adults.

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Dietary macronutrients and food consumption as determinants of long-term weight change in adult populations: a systematic literature review.

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The Australian paradox: a substantial decline in sugars intake over the same timeframe that overweight and obesity have increased.

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Nutr J. 2011 Oct 14;10:114. doi: 10.1186/1475-2891-10-114.

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