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A Comprehensive Overview of Skeletal Phenotypes Associated with Alterations in Wnt/β-catenin Signaling in Humans and Mice.

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Planar polarization of Vangl2 in the vertebrate neural plate is controlled by Wnt and Myosin II signaling.

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Requirement of DLG1 for cardiovascular development and tissue elongation during cochlear, enteric, and skeletal development: possible role in convergent extension.

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DVL1 frameshift mutations clustering in the penultimate exon cause autosomal-dominant Robinow syndrome.

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Mutations in DVL1 cause an osteosclerotic form of Robinow syndrome.

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Making sense of Wnt signaling-linking hair cell regeneration to development.

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Shroom3 functions downstream of planar cell polarity to regulate myosin II distribution and cellular organization during neural tube closure.

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Vangl2-regulated polarisation of second heart field-derived cells is required for outflow tract lengthening during cardiac development.

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The cellular story of dishevelleds.

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Hey1 and Hey2 control the spatial and temporal pattern of mammalian auditory hair cell differentiation downstream of Hedgehog signaling.

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Null and hypomorph Prickle1 alleles in mice phenocopy human Robinow syndrome and disrupt signaling downstream of Wnt5a.

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Loss of Dishevelleds disrupts planar polarity in ependymal motile cilia and results in hydrocephalus.

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Vangl-dependent planar cell polarity signalling is not required for neural crest migration in mammals.

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Expression analysis of Dact1 in mice using a LacZ reporter.

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Expression of signaling components in embryonic eyelid epithelium.

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Identification of critical regions and candidate genes for cardiovascular malformations and cardiomyopathy associated with deletions of chromosome 1p36.

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Cilia and coordination of signaling networks during heart development.

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β-catenin regulates Pax3 and Cdx2 for caudal neural tube closure and elongation.

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Development. 2014 Jan;141(1):148-57. doi: 10.1242/dev.101550. Epub 2013 Nov 27.

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