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Mild cognitive impairment, poor episodic memory, and late-life depression are associated with cerebral cortical thinning and increased white matter hyperintensities.

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Cingulum bundle white matter lesions influence antidepressant response in late-life depression: a pilot study.

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Midlife measurements of white matter microstructure predict subsequent regional white matter atrophy in healthy adults.

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Tissue-specific differences in brain phosphodiesters in late-life major depression.

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Treatment course with antidepressant therapy in late-life depression.

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Diminished performance on neuropsychological testing in late life depression is correlated with microstructural white matter abnormalities.

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Cognitive improvement following treatment in late-life depression: relationship to vascular risk and age of onset.

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Depression is associated with cognitive dysfunction in older adults with heart failure.

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Does the Framingham Stroke Risk Profile predict white-matter changes in late-life depression?

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Int Psychogeriatr. 2012 Apr;24(4):524-31. doi: 10.1017/S1041610211002183. Epub 2011 Nov 17.

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