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PI3K-C2γ is a Rab5 effector selectively controlling endosomal Akt2 activation downstream of insulin signalling.

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Aberrant phenotype in human endothelial cells of diabetic origin: implications for saphenous vein graft failure?

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Liver-specific deletion of Ppp2cα enhances glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

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Is acetylation a metabolic rheostat that regulates skeletal muscle insulin action?

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Insulin Increases Sestrin 2 Content by Reducing Its Degradation through the PI 3 K/mTOR Signaling Pathway.

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Opposite cross-talk by oleate and palmitate on insulin signaling in hepatocytes through macrophage activation.

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The role of mouse Akt2 in insulin-dependent suppression of adipocyte lipolysis in vivo.

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