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Evolutionary perspectives on clonal reproduction in vertebrate animals.

Avise JC.

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Ooplast transfer of triploid pronucleus zygote improve reconstructed human-goat embryonic development.

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Recovery of cell nuclei from 15,000 years old mammoth tissues and its injection into mouse enucleated matured oocytes.

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Resurrection of a bull by cloning from organs frozen without cryoprotectant in a -80 degrees c freezer for a decade.

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Production of healthy cloned mice from bodies frozen at -20 degrees C for 16 years.

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Coexistence of Bos taurus and B. indicus mitochondrial DNAs in nuclear transfer-derived somatic cattle clones.

Steinborn R, Schinogl P, Wells DN, Bergthaler A, Müller M, Brem G.

Genetics. 2002 Oct;162(2):823-9.

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