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The temporal unfolding of face processing in social anxiety disorder--a MEG study.

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To be or Not to be Threatening, but What was the Question? Biased Face Evaluation in Social Anxiety and Depression Depends on How You Frame the Query.

Lange WG, Rinck M, Becker ES.

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Anterior cingulate cortex and insula response during indirect and direct processing of emotional faces in generalized social anxiety disorder.

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Is there less to social anxiety than meets the eye? Behavioral and neural responses to three socio-emotional tasks.

Ziv M, Goldin PR, Jazaieri H, Hahn KS, Gross JJ.

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Increased neural habituation in the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex in social anxiety disorder revealed by FMRI.

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Enhanced Olfactory Sensory Perception of Threat in Anxiety: An Event-Related fMRI Study.

Krusemark EA, Li W.

Chemosens Percept. 2012 Mar 1;5(1):37-45. Epub 2012 Jan 10.

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