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In Vivo Evaluation of White Matter Integrity and Anterograde Transport in Visual System After Excitotoxic Retinal Injury With Multimodal MRI and OCT.

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One diffusion acquisition and different white matter models: how does microstructure change in human early development based on WMTI and NODDI?

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Quantifying white matter tract diffusion parameters in the presence of increased extra-fiber cellularity and vasogenic edema.

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The limbic degradation of aging brain: a quantitative analysis with diffusion tensor imaging.

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Widespread reductions of white matter integrity in patients with long-term remission of Cushing's disease.

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Associations between white matter microstructure and amyloid burden in preclinical Alzheimer's disease: A multimodal imaging investigation.

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Tensor-based morphometry and stereology reveal brain pathology in the complexin1 knockout mouse.

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The effect of local perturbation fields on human DTI: characterisation, measurement and correction.

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Neuroimage. 2012 Mar;60(1):562-70. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.12.009. Epub 2011 Dec 14.

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