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Mean Platelet Volume as a Predictor of One-Year Major Adverse Cardiac Events following Elective Percutaneous Coronary Interventions.

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Circulating myeloid-related protein-8/14 is related to thromboxane-dependent platelet activation in patients with acute coronary syndrome, with and without ongoing low-dose aspirin treatment.

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Urinary eicosanoid metabolites in HIV-infected women with central obesity switching to raltegravir: an analysis from the women, integrase, and fat accumulation trial.

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Impact of platelet transfusion on survival of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage after administration of anti-platelet agents at a tertiary emergency center.

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Platelet content of nitric oxide synthase 3 phosphorylated at Serine 1177 is associated with the functional response of platelets to aspirin.

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Comparative efficacy of in vitro and in vivo metabolized aspirin in the DeBakey ventricular assist device.

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Pharmacological characterization of 1-nitrosocyclohexyl acetate, a long-acting nitroxyl donor that shows vasorelaxant and antiaggregatory effects.

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J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2013 Feb;344(2):339-47. doi: 10.1124/jpet.112.199836. Epub 2012 Dec 4.

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