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Mutational analysis of the ability of resveratrol to inhibit amyloid formation by islet amyloid polypeptide: critical evaluation of the importance of aromatic-inhibitor and histidine-inhibitor interactions.

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Simultaneous monitoring of insulin and islet amyloid polypeptide secretion from islets of Langerhans on a microfluidic device.

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Membrane disordering is not sufficient for membrane permeabilization by islet amyloid polypeptide: studies of IAPP(20-29) fragments.

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Overall sulfation of heparan sulfate from pancreatic islet β-TC3 cells increases maximal fibril formation but does not determine binding to the amyloidogenic peptide islet amyloid polypeptide.

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Polymorphic fibrillation of the destabilized fourth fasciclin-1 domain mutant A546T of the Transforming growth factor-β-induced protein (TGFBIp) occurs through multiple pathways with different oligomeric intermediates.

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J Histochem Cytochem. 2012 Oct;60(10):749-60. Epub 2012 Jul 21.

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