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Deletion of a HoxD enhancer induces transcriptional heterochrony leading to transposition of the sacrum.

Zákány J, Gérard M, Favier B, Duboule D.

EMBO J. 1997 Jul 16;16(14):4393-402.


Genetic analysis of a Hoxd-12 regulatory element reveals global versus local modes of controls in the HoxD complex.

Hérault Y, Beckers J, Kondo T, Fraudeau N, Duboule D.

Development. 1998 May;125(9):1669-77.


In vivo targeted mutagenesis of a regulatory element required for positioning the Hoxd-11 and Hoxd-10 expression boundaries.

Gérard M, Chen JY, Gronemeyer H, Chambon P, Duboule D, Zákány J.

Genes Dev. 1996 Sep 15;10(18):2326-34.


Control of colinearity in AbdB genes of the mouse HoxD complex.

Kondo T, Zákány J, Duboule D.

Mol Cell. 1998 Jan;1(2):289-300.


Enhancer timing of Hox gene expression: deletion of the endogenous Hoxc8 early enhancer.

Juan AH, Ruddle FH.

Development. 2003 Oct;130(20):4823-34. Epub 2003 Aug 13.


Hox gene expression in limbs: colinearity by opposite regulatory controls.

Hérault Y, Beckers J, Gérard M, Duboule D.

Dev Biol. 1999 Apr 1;208(1):157-65.


An enhancer-titration effect induces digit-specific regulatory alleles of the HoxD cluster.

Monge I, Kondo T, Duboule D.

Dev Biol. 2003 Apr 15;256(2):212-20.


Hoxd-12 differentially affects preaxial and postaxial chondrogenic branches in the limb and regulates Sonic hedgehog in a positive feedback loop.

Knezevic V, De Santo R, Schughart K, Huffstadt U, Chiang C, Mahon KA, Mackem S.

Development. 1997 Nov;124(22):4523-36.


Gene transpositions in the HoxD complex reveal a hierarchy of regulatory controls.

van der Hoeven F, Zákány J, Duboule D.

Cell. 1996 Jun 28;85(7):1025-35.


Teleost HoxD and HoxA genes: comparison with tetrapods and functional evolution of the HOXD complex.

van der Hoeven F, Sordino P, Fraudeau N, Izpisúa-Belmonte JC, Duboule D.

Mech Dev. 1996 Jan;54(1):9-21.


Serial deletions and duplications suggest a mechanism for the collinearity of Hoxd genes in limbs.

Kmita M, Fraudeau N, Hérault Y, Duboule D.

Nature. 2002 Nov 14;420(6912):145-50.


Function of posterior HoxD genes in the morphogenesis of the anal sphincter.

Kondo T, Dollé P, Zákány J, Duboule D.

Development. 1996 Sep;122(9):2651-9.


Evolutionary conserved sequences are required for the insulation of the vertebrate Hoxd complex in neural cells.

Kmita M, Tarchini B, Duboule D, Hérault Y.

Development. 2002 Dec;129(23):5521-8.


In vitro and transgenic analysis of a human HOXD4 retinoid-responsive enhancer.

Morrison A, Moroni MC, Ariza-McNaughton L, Krumlauf R, Mavilio F.

Development. 1996 Jun;122(6):1895-907.

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