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Subacute stent thrombosis in the era of intravascular ultrasound-guided coronary stenting without anticoagulation: frequency, predictors and clinical outcome.

Moussa I, Di Mario C, Reimers B, Akiyama T, Tobis J, Colombo A.

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High pressure assisted coronary stent implantation accomplished without intravascular ultrasound guidance and subsequent anticoagulation.

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Clinical and angiographic outcome after Palmaz-Schatz stent implantation guided by intravascular ultrasound.

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Angiographic and clinical outcome following coronary stenting of small vessels: a comparison with coronary stenting of large vessels.

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Coronary stenting in 1000 consecutive patients. Long-term clinical and angiographic results.

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Stent thrombosis in the modern era: a pooled analysis of multicenter coronary stent clinical trials.

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Circulation. 2001 Apr 17;103(15):1967-71.


Acute and nine-month clinical outcomes after "suboptimal" coronary stenting: results from the STent Anti-thrombotic Regimen Study (STARS) registry.

Cutlip DE, Leon MB, Ho KK, Gordon PC, Giambartolomei A, Diver DJ, Lasorda DM, Williams DO, Fitzpatrick MM, Desjardin A, Popma JJ, Kuntz RE, Baim DS.

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No subacute thrombosis and femoral bleeding complications under full anticoagulation in 150 consecutive patients receiving non-heparin-coated intracoronary Palmaz-Schatz stents.

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Am Heart J. 1996 Dec;132(6):1135-46.


[Subacute thrombosis with antiplatelet treatment in a non-selected population of intracoronary stents: incidence and predictors].

Pascual Figal DA, Valdés Chávarri M, Ruipérez JA, Cortés R, López Pálop R, Picó Aracil F, García Alberola A.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2000 Jun;53(6):791-6. Spanish.


Antiplatelet therapy alone is safe and effective after coronary stenting: observations of a transition in practice.

Zubaid M, Penn IM, Buller CE, Moscovich MD, Ricci DR, Chauhan A.

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Preliminary experience with intravascular ultrasound guided Palmaz-Schatz coronary stenting: the acute and short-term results on a consecutive series of patients.

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Ultrasound-assisted stent implantation in small size coronary arteries: a pilot study.

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Intravascular ultrasound-guided emergency coronary Palmaz-Schatz stent placement without post-procedural systemic anticoagulation.

Blasini R, Neumann FJ, Richardt G, Schmitt C, Paloncy R, Schömig A.

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Intracoronary stent implantation without ultrasound guidance and with replacement of conventional anticoagulation by antiplatelet therapy. 30-day clinical outcome of the French Multicenter Registry.

Karrillon GJ, Morice MC, Benveniste E, Bunouf P, Aubry P, Cattan S, Chevalier B, Commeau P, Cribier A, Eiferman C, Grollier G, Guerin Y, Henry M, Lefevre T, Livarek B, Louvard Y, Marco J, Makowski S, Monassier JP, Pernes JM, Rioux P, Spaulding C, Zemour G.

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Wiktor stent for treatment of chronic total coronary artery occlusions: short- and long-term clinical and angiographic results from a large multicenter experience.

Anzuini A, Rosanio S, Legrand V, Tocchi M, Coppi R, Bonnier H, Sheiban I, Kulbertus HE, Chierchia SL.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 1998 Feb;31(2):281-8.


A randomized comparison of combined ticlopidine and aspirin therapy versus aspirin therapy alone after successful intravascular ultrasound-guided stent implantation.

Hall P, Nakamura S, Maiello L, Itoh A, Blengino S, Martini G, Ferraro M, Colombo A.

Circulation. 1996 Jan 15;93(2):215-22.

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