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Immobilization of murine anti-BMP-2 monoclonal antibody on various biomaterials for bone tissue engineering.

Ansari S, Freire MO, Pang EK, Abdelhamid AI, Almohaimeed M, Zadeh HH.

Biomed Res Int. 2014;2014:940860. doi: 10.1155/2014/940860. Epub 2014 Jul 23.


Functionalization of scaffolds with chimeric anti-BMP-2 monoclonal antibodies for osseous regeneration.

Ansari S, Moshaverinia A, Pi SH, Han A, Abdelhamid AI, Zadeh HH.

Biomaterials. 2013 Dec;34(38):10191-8. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2013.08.069. Epub 2013 Sep 19.


Effects of the orientation of anti-BMP2 monoclonal antibody immobilized on scaffold in antibody-mediated osseous regeneration.

Ansari S, Freire M, Choi MG, Tavari A, Almohaimeed M, Moshaverinia A, Zadeh HH.

J Biomater Appl. 2015 Jul 15. pii: 0885328215594704. [Epub ahead of print]


Antibody-mediated osseous regeneration: the early events in the healing response.

Freire MO, Kim HK, Kook JK, Nguyen A, Zadeh HH.

Tissue Eng Part A. 2013 May;19(9-10):1165-74. doi: 10.1089/ten.TEA.2012.0282. Epub 2013 Jan 8.


Application of AMOR in craniofacial rabbit bone bioengineering.

Freire M, Choi JH, Nguyen A, Chee YD, Kook JK, You HK, Zadeh HH.

Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:628769. doi: 10.1155/2015/628769. Epub 2015 Jan 29.


Antibody-mediated osseous regeneration: a novel strategy for bioengineering bone by immobilized anti-bone morphogenetic protein-2 antibodies.

Freire MO, You HK, Kook JK, Choi JH, Zadeh HH.

Tissue Eng Part A. 2011 Dec;17(23-24):2911-8. doi: 10.1089/ten.tea.2010.0584. Epub 2011 Aug 26.


Co-encapsulation of anti-BMP2 monoclonal antibody and mesenchymal stem cells in alginate microspheres for bone tissue engineering.

Moshaverinia A, Ansari S, Chen C, Xu X, Akiyama K, Snead ML, Zadeh HH, Shi S.

Biomaterials. 2013 Sep;34(28):6572-9. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2013.05.048. Epub 2013 Jun 14.


Enhanced bone regeneration of cortical segmental bone defects using porous titanium scaffolds incorporated with colloidal gelatin gels for time- and dose-controlled delivery of dual growth factors.

van der Stok J, Wang H, Amin Yavari S, Siebelt M, Sandker M, Waarsing JH, Verhaar JA, Jahr H, Zadpoor AA, Leeuwenburgh SC, Weinans H.

Tissue Eng Part A. 2013 Dec;19(23-24):2605-14. doi: 10.1089/ten.TEA.2013.0181. Epub 2013 Aug 17.


Dura mater stimulates human adipose-derived stromal cells to undergo bone formation in mouse calvarial defects.

Levi B, Nelson ER, Li S, James AW, Hyun JS, Montoro DT, Lee M, Glotzbach JP, Commons GW, Longaker MT.

Stem Cells. 2011 Aug;29(8):1241-55. doi: 10.1002/stem.670.


Incorporation of copper into chitosan scaffolds promotes bone regeneration in rat calvarial defects.

D'Mello S, Elangovan S, Hong L, Ross RD, Sumner DR, Salem AK.

J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2015 Jul;103(5):1044-9. doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.33290. Epub 2014 Sep 17.


Evaluation of three-dimensional porous chitosan-alginate scaffolds in rat calvarial defects for bone regeneration applications.

Florczyk SJ, Leung M, Li Z, Huang JI, Hopper RA, Zhang M.

J Biomed Mater Res A. 2013 Oct;101(10):2974-83. doi: 10.1002/jbm.a.34593. Epub 2013 Jun 4.


Polydopamine-assisted osteoinductive peptide immobilization of polymer scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration by human adipose-derived stem cells.

Ko E, Yang K, Shin J, Cho SW.

Biomacromolecules. 2013 Sep 9;14(9):3202-13. doi: 10.1021/bm4008343. Epub 2013 Aug 29.


Critical size defect regeneration using PEG-mediated BMP-2 gene delivery and the use of cell occlusive barrier membranes - the osteopromotive principle revisited.

Wehrhan F, Amann K, Molenberg A, Lutz R, Neukam FW, Schlegel KA.

Clin Oral Implants Res. 2013 Aug;24(8):910-20. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0501.2012.02489.x. Epub 2012 Jul 31.


Encapsulated dental-derived mesenchymal stem cells in an injectable and biodegradable scaffold for applications in bone tissue engineering.

Moshaverinia A, Chen C, Akiyama K, Xu X, Chee WW, Schricker SR, Shi S.

J Biomed Mater Res A. 2013 Nov;101(11):3285-94. doi: 10.1002/jbm.a.34546. Epub 2013 Aug 24.


Functionalisation of PLLA nanofiber scaffolds using a possible cooperative effect between collagen type I and BMP-2: impact on colonization and bone formation in vivo.

Schofer MD, T√ľnnermann L, Kaiser H, Roessler PP, Theisen C, Heverhagen JT, Hering J, Voelker M, Agarwal S, Efe T, Fuchs-Winkelmann S, Paletta JR.

J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2012 Sep;23(9):2227-33. doi: 10.1007/s10856-012-4697-0. Epub 2012 Jun 21.


Functional restoration of critically sized segmental defects with bone morphogenetic protein-2 and heparin treatment.

Johnson MR, Boerckel JD, Dupont KM, Guldberg RE.

Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2011 Nov;469(11):3111-7. doi: 10.1007/s11999-011-2012-x.


Electrospun PLLA nanofiber scaffolds and their use in combination with BMP-2 for reconstruction of bone defects.

Schofer MD, Roessler PP, Schaefer J, Theisen C, Schlimme S, Heverhagen JT, Voelker M, Dersch R, Agarwal S, Fuchs-Winkelmann S, Paletta JR.

PLoS One. 2011;6(9):e25462. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0025462. Epub 2011 Sep 28.


Biomimetic tubular nanofiber mesh and platelet rich plasma-mediated delivery of BMP-7 for large bone defect regeneration.

Berner A, Boerckel JD, Saifzadeh S, Steck R, Ren J, Vaquette C, Zhang JQ, Nerlich M, Guldberg RE, Hutmacher DW, Woodruff MA.

Cell Tissue Res. 2012 Mar;347(3):603-12. doi: 10.1007/s00441-011-1298-z. Epub 2012 Jan 26.


An evaluation of BMP-2 delivery from scaffolds with miniaturized dental implants in a novel rat mandible model.

Wen B, Karl M, Pendrys D, Shafer D, Freilich M, Kuhn L.

J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2011 May;97(2):315-26. doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.31817. Epub 2011 Mar 10.


The evaluation of the correlation between histomorphometric analysis and micro-computed tomography analysis in AdBMP-2 induced bone regeneration in rat calvarial defects.

Park SY, Kim KH, Koo KT, Lee KW, Lee YM, Chung CP, Seol YJ.

J Periodontal Implant Sci. 2011 Oct;41(5):218-26. doi: 10.5051/jpis.2011.41.5.218. Epub 2011 Oct 31.

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