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Phase III trial of chemoradiotherapy for anaplastic oligodendroglioma: long-term results of RTOG 9402.

Cairncross G, Wang M, Shaw E, Jenkins R, Brachman D, Buckner J, Fink K, Souhami L, Laperriere N, Curran W, Mehta M.

J Clin Oncol. 2013 Jan 20;31(3):337-43. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2012.43.2674. Epub 2012 Oct 15.


Impact of 1p/19q codeletion and histology on outcomes of anaplastic gliomas treated with radiation therapy and temozolomide.

Speirs CK, Simpson JR, Robinson CG, DeWees TA, Tran DD, Linette G, Chicoine MR, Dacey RG, Rich KM, Dowling JL, Leuthardt EC, Zipfel GJ, Kim AH, Huang J.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2015 Feb 1;91(2):268-76. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2014.10.027.


Anaplastic oligodendroglioma: a new treatment paradigm and current controversies.

Roth P, Wick W, Weller M.

Curr Treat Options Oncol. 2013 Dec;14(4):505-13. doi: 10.1007/s11864-013-0251-7.


Treatment recommendations for anaplastic oligodendrogliomas that are codeleted.

Anderson MD, Gilbert MR.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2013 Apr;27(4):315-20, 322. Review.


Molecular analysis of anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors in a prospective randomized study: A report from EORTC study 26951.

Kouwenhoven MC, Gorlia T, Kros JM, Ibdaih A, Brandes AA, Bromberg JE, Mokhtari K, van Duinen SG, Teepen JL, Wesseling P, Vandenbos F, Grisold W, Sipos L, Mirimanoff R, Vecht CJ, Allgeier A, Lacombe D, van den Bent MJ.

Neuro Oncol. 2009 Dec;11(6):737-46. doi: 10.1215/15228517-2009-011. Epub .


Phase III trial of chemotherapy plus radiotherapy compared with radiotherapy alone for pure and mixed anaplastic oligodendroglioma: Intergroup Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Trial 9402.

Intergroup Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Trial 9402, Cairncross G, Berkey B, Shaw E, Jenkins R, Scheithauer B, Brachman D, Buckner J, Fink K, Souhami L, Laperierre N, Mehta M, Curran W.

J Clin Oncol. 2006 Jun 20;24(18):2707-14.


1p/19q codeletion and IDH1/2 mutation identified a subtype of anaplastic oligoastrocytomas with prognosis as favorable as anaplastic oligodendrogliomas.

Jiang H, Ren X, Cui X, Wang J, Jia W, Zhou Z, Lin S.

Neuro Oncol. 2013 Jun;15(6):775-82. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/not027. Epub 2013 Mar 13.


Adjuvant procarbazine, lomustine, and vincristine chemotherapy in newly diagnosed anaplastic oligodendroglioma: long-term follow-up of EORTC brain tumor group study 26951.

van den Bent MJ, Brandes AA, Taphoorn MJ, Kros JM, Kouwenhoven MC, Delattre JY, Bernsen HJ, Frenay M, Tijssen CC, Grisold W, Sipos L, Enting RH, French PJ, Dinjens WN, Vecht CJ, Allgeier A, Lacombe D, Gorlia T, Hoang-Xuan K.

J Clin Oncol. 2013 Jan 20;31(3):344-50. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2012.43.2229. Epub 2012 Oct 15.


Treatment updates regarding anaplastic oligodendroglioma and anaplastic oligoastrocytoma.

Khan KA, Abbasi AN, Ali N.

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak. 2014 Dec;24(12):935-9. doi: 12.2014/JCPSP.935939. Review.


Adjuvant treatment of anaplastic oligodendrogliomas and oligoastrocytomas.

Lecavalier-Barsoum M, Quon H, Abdulkarim B.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2014 May 15;(5):CD007104. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD007104.pub2. Review.


Phase II trial of pre-irradiation and concurrent temozolomide in patients with newly diagnosed anaplastic oligodendrogliomas and mixed anaplastic oligoastrocytomas: long term results of RTOG BR0131.

Vogelbaum MA, Hu C, Peereboom DM, Macdonald DR, Giannini C, Suh JH, Jenkins RB, Laack NN, Brachman DG, Shrieve DC, Souhami L, Mehta MP.

J Neurooncol. 2015 Sep;124(3):413-20. doi: 10.1007/s11060-015-1845-7. Epub 2015 Jun 19.


A phase II study of intensified chemotherapy alone as initial treatment for newly diagnosed anaplastic oligodendroglioma: an interim analysis.

Mohile NA, Forsyth P, Stewart D, Raizer JJ, Paleologos N, Kewalramani T, Louis DN, Cairncross JG, Abrey LE.

J Neurooncol. 2008 Sep;89(2):187-93. doi: 10.1007/s11060-008-9603-8. Epub 2008 May 6.


Anaplastic oligodendroglioma and oligoastrocytoma.

van den Bent MJ.

Neurol Clin. 2007 Nov;25(4):1089-109, ix-x. Review.


Anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors: refining the correlation among histopathology, 1p 19q deletion and clinical outcome in Intergroup Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Trial 9402.

Giannini C, Burger PC, Berkey BA, Cairncross JG, Jenkins RB, Mehta M, Curran WJ, Aldape K.

Brain Pathol. 2008 Jul;18(3):360-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-3639.2008.00129.x. Epub 2008 Mar 26.


Phase II trial of preirradiation and concurrent temozolomide in patients with newly diagnosed anaplastic oligodendrogliomas and mixed anaplastic oligoastrocytomas: RTOG BR0131.

Vogelbaum MA, Berkey B, Peereboom D, Macdonald D, Giannini C, Suh JH, Jenkins R, Herman J, Brown P, Blumenthal DT, Biggs C, Schultz C, Mehta M.

Neuro Oncol. 2009 Apr;11(2):167-75. doi: 10.1215/15228517-2008-073. Epub 2008 Sep 8.


Molecular prognostic factors of anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors and its relationship: a single institutional review of 77 patients from China.

Li S, Yan C, Huang L, Qiu X, Wang Z, Jiang T.

Neuro Oncol. 2012 Jan;14(1):109-16. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/nor185. Epub 2011 Oct 27.


Procarbazine, lomustine and vincristine or temozolomide: which is the better regimen?

Lassman AB.

CNS Oncol. 2015;4(5):341-6. doi: 10.2217/cns.15.36. Epub 2015 Nov 6. Review.


Initial treatment patterns over time for anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors.

Panageas KS, Iwamoto FM, Cloughesy TF, Aldape KD, Rivera AL, Eichler AF, Louis DN, Paleologos NA, Fisher BJ, Ashby LS, Cairncross JG, Roldán Urgoiti GB, Wen PY, Ligon KL, Schiff D, Robins HI, Rocque BG, Chamberlain MC, Mason WP, Weaver SA, Green RM, Kamar FG, Abrey LE, Deangelis LM, Jhanwar SC, Rosenblum MK, Lassman AB.

Neuro Oncol. 2012 Jun;14(6):761-7. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/nos065. Epub 2012 May 31.

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