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Control of spontaneous ovarian tumors by CD8+ T cells through NKG2D-targeted delivery of antigenic peptide.

Kang TH, Knoff J, Yang B, Tsai YC, He L, Hung CF, Wu TC.

Cell Biosci. 2013 Dec 20;3(1):48. doi: 10.1186/2045-3701-3-48.


Targeted coating with antigenic peptide renders tumor cells susceptible to CD8(+) T cell-mediated killing.

Kang TH, Ma B, Wang C, Wu TC, Hung CF.

Mol Ther. 2013 Mar;21(3):542-53. doi: 10.1038/mt.2012.233. Epub 2012 Nov 27.


Definition of an immunogenic region within the ovarian tumor antigen stratum corneum chymotryptic enzyme.

Bondurant KL, Crew MD, Santin AD, O'Brien TJ, Cannon MJ.

Clin Cancer Res. 2005 May 1;11(9):3446-54.


Strategy for eliciting antigen-specific CD8+ T cell-mediated immune response against a cryptic CTL epitope of merkel cell polyomavirus large T antigen.

Gomez BP, Wang C, Viscidi RP, Peng S, He L, Wu TC, Hung CF.

Cell Biosci. 2012 Oct 24;2(1):36. doi: 10.1186/2045-3701-2-36.


Xenogeneic human p53 DNA vaccination by electroporation breaks immune tolerance to control murine tumors expressing mouse p53.

Soong RS, Trieu J, Lee SY, He L, Tsai YC, Wu TC, Hung CF.

PLoS One. 2013;8(2):e56912. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0056912. Epub 2013 Feb 15.


Induction of human tumor-associated differentially expressed gene-12 (TADG-12/TMPRSS3)-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in human lymphocyte antigen-A2.1-positive healthy donors and patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Bellone S, Anfossi S, O'Brien TJ, Cannon MJ, Silasi DA, Azodi M, Schwartz PE, Rutherford TJ, Pecorelli S, Santin AD.

Cancer. 2009 Feb 15;115(4):800-11. doi: 10.1002/cncr.24048.


Chimeric NKG2D receptor-bearing T cells as immunotherapy for ovarian cancer.

Barber A, Zhang T, DeMars LR, Conejo-Garcia J, Roby KF, Sentman CL.

Cancer Res. 2007 May 15;67(10):5003-8.


Restoration of tumor specific human leukocyte antigens class I-restricted cytotoxicity by dendritic cell stimulation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Santin AD, Bellone S, Palmieri M, Bossini B, Cane' S, Bignotti E, Roman JJ, Cannon MJ, Pecorelli S.

Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2004 Jan-Feb;14(1):64-75.


Folate receptor-targeted immunotherapy of cancer: mechanism and therapeutic potential.

Lu Y, Sega E, Leamon CP, Low PS.

Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2004 Apr 29;56(8):1161-76. Review.


Therapy of murine tumors with tumor peptide-pulsed dendritic cells: dependence on T cells, B7 costimulation, and T helper cell 1-associated cytokines.

Zitvogel L, Mayordomo JI, Tjandrawan T, DeLeo AB, Clarke MR, Lotze MT, Storkus WJ.

J Exp Med. 1996 Jan 1;183(1):87-97.


Generation of autologous cytotoxic and helper T-cell responses against the B-cell leukemia-associated antigen HB-1: relevance for precursor B-ALL-specific immunotherapy.

de Rijke B, Fredrix H, Zoetbrood A, Scherpen F, Witteveen H, de Witte T, van de Wiel-Van Kemenade E, Dolstra H.

Blood. 2003 Oct 15;102(8):2885-91. Epub 2003 Jul 3.


A combination of chemoimmunotherapies can efficiently break self-tolerance and induce antitumor immunity in a tolerogenic murine tumor model.

Ko HJ, Kim YJ, Kim YS, Chang WS, Ko SY, Chang SY, Sakaguchi S, Kang CY.

Cancer Res. 2007 Aug 1;67(15):7477-86.


Chimeric NK-receptor-bearing T cells mediate antitumor immunotherapy.

Zhang T, Lemoi BA, Sentman CL.

Blood. 2005 Sep 1;106(5):1544-51. Epub 2005 May 12.


Adoptive T cell immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer.

Chekmasova AA, Brentjens RJ.

Discov Med. 2010 Jan;9(44):62-70. Review.

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