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Copy number polymorphism of the salivary amylase gene: implications in human nutrition research.

Santos JL, Saus E, Smalley SV, Cataldo LR, Alberti G, Parada J, Gratacòs M, Estivill X.

J Nutrigenet Nutrigenomics. 2012;5(3):117-31. doi: 10.1159/000339951. Epub 2012 Sep 3. Review.


Obesity, starch digestion and amylase: association between copy number variants at human salivary (AMY1) and pancreatic (AMY2) amylase genes.

Carpenter D, Dhar S, Mitchell LM, Fu B, Tyson J, Shwan NA, Yang F, Thomas MG, Armour JA.

Hum Mol Genet. 2015 Jun 15;24(12):3472-80. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddv098. Epub 2015 Mar 18.


Individual differences in AMY1 gene copy number, salivary α-amylase levels, and the perception of oral starch.

Mandel AL, Peyrot des Gachons C, Plank KL, Alarcon S, Breslin PA.

PLoS One. 2010 Oct 13;5(10):e13352. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0013352.


Diet and the evolution of human amylase gene copy number variation.

Perry GH, Dominy NJ, Claw KG, Lee AS, Fiegler H, Redon R, Werner J, Villanea FA, Mountain JL, Misra R, Carter NP, Lee C, Stone AC.

Nat Genet. 2007 Oct;39(10):1256-60. Epub 2007 Sep 9.


Amylase activity is associated with AMY2B copy numbers in dog: implications for dog domestication, diet and diabetes.

Arendt M, Fall T, Lindblad-Toh K, Axelsson E.

Anim Genet. 2014 Oct;45(5):716-22. doi: 10.1111/age.12179. Epub 2014 Jun 28.


Attenuated acute salivary α-amylase responses to gustatory stimulation with citric acid in thin children.

Chen LH, Yang ZM, Chen WW, Lin J, Zhang M, Yang XR, Zhao LB.

Br J Nutr. 2015 Apr 14;113(7):1078-85. doi: 10.1017/S0007114515000446. Epub 2015 Mar 18.


High endogenous salivary amylase activity is associated with improved glycemic homeostasis following starch ingestion in adults.

Mandel AL, Breslin PA.

J Nutr. 2012 May;142(5):853-8. doi: 10.3945/jn.111.156984. Epub 2012 Apr 4.


Beneficial effect of a high number of copies of salivary amylase AMY1 gene on obesity risk in Mexican children.

Mejía-Benítez MA, Bonnefond A, Yengo L, Huyvaert M, Dechaume A, Peralta-Romero J, Klünder-Klünder M, García Mena J, El-Sayed Moustafa JS, Falchi M, Cruz M, Froguel P.

Diabetologia. 2015 Feb;58(2):290-4. doi: 10.1007/s00125-014-3441-3. Epub 2014 Nov 14.


The roles of AMY1 copies and protein expression in human salivary α-amylase activity.

Yang ZM, Lin J, Chen LH, Zhang M, Chen WW, Yang XR.

Physiol Behav. 2015 Jan;138:173-8. doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2014.10.037. Epub 2014 Nov 6.


Measurements of salivary alpha amylase and salivary cortisol in hominoid primates reveal within-species consistency and between-species differences.

Behringer V, Borchers C, Deschner T, Möstl E, Selzer D, Hohmann G.

PLoS One. 2013 Apr 17;8(4):e60773. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060773. Print 2013.


Variation in salivary and pancreatic alpha-amylase genes in Italian horse breeds.

Coizet B, Nicoloso L, Marletta D, Tamiozzo-Calligarich A, Pagnacco G, Crepaldi P.

J Hered. 2014 May-Jun;105(3):429-35. doi: 10.1093/jhered/esu005. Epub 2014 Feb 20.


The effect of a brief salivary α-amylase exposure during chewing on subsequent in vitro starch digestion curve profiles.

Woolnough JW, Bird AR, Monro JA, Brennan CS.

Int J Mol Sci. 2010 Jul 26;11(8):2780-90. doi: 10.3390/ijms11082780.


DNA sequence evolution of the amylase multigene family in Drosophila pseudoobscura.

Brown CJ, Aquadro CF, Anderson WW.

Genetics. 1990 Sep;126(1):131-8.


Expression of the human amylase genes: recent origin of a salivary amylase promoter from an actin pseudogene.

Samuelson LC, Wiebauer K, Gumucio DL, Meisler MH.

Nucleic Acids Res. 1988 Sep 12;16(17):8261-76.


Low copy number of the salivary amylase gene predisposes to obesity.

Falchi M, El-Sayed Moustafa JS, Takousis P, Pesce F, Bonnefond A, Andersson-Assarsson JC, Sudmant PH, Dorajoo R, Al-Shafai MN, Bottolo L, Ozdemir E, So HC, Davies RW, Patrice A, Dent R, Mangino M, Hysi PG, Dechaume A, Huyvaert M, Skinner J, Pigeyre M, Caiazzo R, Raverdy V, Vaillant E, Field S, Balkau B, Marre M, Visvikis-Siest S, Weill J, Poulain-Godefroy O, Jacobson P, Sjostrom L, Hammond CJ, Deloukas P, Sham PC, McPherson R, Lee J, Tai ES, Sladek R, Carlsson LM, Walley A, Eichler EE, Pattou F, Spector TD, Froguel P.

Nat Genet. 2014 May;46(5):492-7. doi: 10.1038/ng.2939. Epub 2014 Mar 30.


The human alpha-amylase multigene family consists of haplotypes with variable numbers of genes.

Groot PC, Bleeker MJ, Pronk JC, Arwert F, Mager WH, Planta RJ, Eriksson AW, Frants RR.

Genomics. 1989 Jul;5(1):29-42.


Primary structure of human pancreatic alpha-amylase gene: its comparison with human salivary alpha-amylase gene.

Horii A, Emi M, Tomita N, Nishide T, Ogawa M, Mori T, Matsubara K.

Gene. 1987;60(1):57-64.

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