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Using Epstein-Barr viral load assays to diagnose, monitor, and prevent posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder.

Gulley ML, Tang W.

Clin Microbiol Rev. 2010 Apr;23(2):350-66. doi: 10.1128/CMR.00006-09. Review.


Development and characterization of promoterless helper RNAs for the production of alphavirus replicon particle.

Kamrud KI, Alterson K, Custer M, Dudek J, Goodman C, Owens G, Smith JF.

J Gen Virol. 2010 Jul;91(Pt 7):1723-7. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.020081-0. Epub 2010 Feb 24.


Human antibody titers to Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) gp350 correlate with neutralization of infectivity better than antibody titers to EBV gp42 using a rapid flow cytometry-based EBV neutralization assay.

Sashihara J, Burbelo PD, Savoldo B, Pierson TC, Cohen JI.

Virology. 2009 Sep 1;391(2):249-56. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2009.06.013. Epub 2009 Jul 7.


Relation between neutralization of Epstein-Barr virus and antibodies to cell-membrane antigens-induced by the virus.

Pearson G, Dewey F, Klein G, Henle G, Henle W.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 1970 Nov;45(5):989-95.


Recombinant gp350 vaccine for infectious mononucleosis: a phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of an Epstein-Barr virus vaccine in healthy young adults.

Sokal EM, Hoppenbrouwers K, Vandermeulen C, Moutschen M, Léonard P, Moreels A, Haumont M, Bollen A, Smets F, Denis M.

J Infect Dis. 2007 Dec 15;196(12):1749-53. doi: 10.1086/523813.


Phase I trial of a CD8+ T-cell peptide epitope-based vaccine for infectious mononucleosis.

Elliott SL, Suhrbier A, Miles JJ, Lawrence G, Pye SJ, Le TT, Rosenstengel A, Nguyen T, Allworth A, Burrows SR, Cox J, Pye D, Moss DJ, Bharadwaj M.

J Virol. 2008 Feb;82(3):1448-57. Epub 2007 Nov 21.


Epstein-Barr viral load and disease prediction in a large cohort of allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients.

Aalto SM, Juvonen E, Tarkkanen J, Volin L, Haario H, Ruutu T, Hedman K.

Clin Infect Dis. 2007 Nov 15;45(10):1305-9. Epub 2007 Oct 15.


Phase I/II studies to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of a recombinant gp350 Epstein-Barr virus vaccine in healthy adults.

Moutschen M, Léonard P, Sokal EM, Smets F, Haumont M, Mazzu P, Bollen A, Denamur F, Peeters P, Dubin G, Denis M.

Vaccine. 2007 Jun 11;25(24):4697-705. Epub 2007 Apr 18.


Allogeneic cytotoxic T-cell therapy for EBV-positive posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disease: results of a phase 2 multicenter clinical trial.

Haque T, Wilkie GM, Jones MM, Higgins CD, Urquhart G, Wingate P, Burns D, McAulay K, Turner M, Bellamy C, Amlot PL, Kelly D, MacGilchrist A, Gandhi MK, Swerdlow AJ, Crawford DH.

Blood. 2007 Aug 15;110(4):1123-31. Epub 2007 Apr 27.


Cellular responses to viral infection in humans: lessons from Epstein-Barr virus.

Hislop AD, Taylor GS, Sauce D, Rickinson AB.

Annu Rev Immunol. 2007;25:587-617. Review.


Alphavirus replicon approach to promoterless analysis of IRES elements.

Kamrud KI, Custer M, Dudek JM, Owens G, Alterson KD, Lee JS, Groebner JL, Smith JF.

Virology. 2007 Apr 10;360(2):376-87. Epub 2006 Dec 6.


Control of Epstein-Barr virus infection in vitro by T helper cells specific for virion glycoproteins.

Adhikary D, Behrends U, Moosmann A, Witter K, Bornkamm GW, Mautner J.

J Exp Med. 2006 Apr 17;203(4):995-1006. Epub 2006 Mar 20.


Experimental rhesus lymphocryptovirus infection in immunosuppressed macaques: an animal model for Epstein-Barr virus pathogenesis in the immunosuppressed host.

Rivailler P, Carville A, Kaur A, Rao P, Quink C, Kutok JL, Westmoreland S, Klumpp S, Simon M, Aster JC, Wang F.

Blood. 2004 Sep 1;104(5):1482-9. Epub 2004 May 18.


Alphavirus vectors and vaccination.

Rayner JO, Dryga SA, Kamrud KI.

Rev Med Virol. 2002 Sep-Oct;12(5):279-96. Review.


Prevention of Epstein-Barr virus-lymphoproliferative disease by molecular monitoring and preemptive rituximab in high-risk patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.

van Esser JW, Niesters HG, van der Holt B, Meijer E, Osterhaus AD, Gratama JW, Verdonck LF, Löwenberg B, Cornelissen JJ.

Blood. 2002 Jun 15;99(12):4364-9.


Treatment of Epstein-Barr virus-associated malignancies with specific T cells.

Gottschalk S, Heslop HE, Roon CM.

Adv Cancer Res. 2002;84:175-201. Review.


A new animal model for Epstein-Barr virus pathogenesis.

Wang F.

Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 2001;258:201-19. Review. No abstract available.

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