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Site-specific phosphorylation regulates human T-cell leukemia virus type 2 Rex function in vivo.

Kesic M, Ward M, Semmes OJ, Green PL.

J Virol. 2009 Sep;83(17):8859-68. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00908-09. Epub 2009 Jun 24.


Human T-cell leukemia virus type 2 Rex carboxy terminus is an inhibitory/stability domain that regulates Rex functional activity and viral replication.

Xie L, Kesic M, Yamamoto B, Li M, Younis I, Lairmore MD, Green PL.

J Virol. 2009 May;83(10):5232-43. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02271-08. Epub 2009 Mar 11.


Ancient, independent evolution and distinct molecular features of the novel human T-lymphotropic virus type 4.

Switzer WM, Salemi M, Qari SH, Jia H, Gray RR, Katzourakis A, Marriott SJ, Pryor KN, Wolfe ND, Burke DS, Folks TM, Heneine W.

Retrovirology. 2009 Feb 2;6:9. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-6-9.


Physical and in silico approaches identify DNA-PK in a Tax DNA-damage response interactome.

Ramadan E, Ward M, Guo X, Durkin SS, Sawyer A, Vilela M, Osgood C, Pothen A, Semmes OJ.

Retrovirology. 2008 Oct 15;5:92. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-5-92.


The HTLV-1 Tax interactome.

Boxus M, Twizere JC, Legros S, Dewulf JF, Kettmann R, Willems L.

Retrovirology. 2008 Aug 14;5:76. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-5-76. Review.


The prolyl isomerase PIN1: a pivotal new twist in phosphorylation signalling and disease.

Lu KP, Zhou XZ.

Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2007 Nov;8(11):904-16. Review.


Binding of caspase-3 prodomain to heat shock protein 27 regulates monocyte apoptosis by inhibiting caspase-3 proteolytic activation.

Voss OH, Batra S, Kolattukudy SJ, Gonzalez-Mejia ME, Smith JB, Doseff AI.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Aug 24;282(34):25088-99. Epub 2007 Jun 27.


Site-specific phosphorylation differentiates active from inactive forms of the human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 Tax oncoprotein.

Durkin SS, Ward MD, Fryrear KA, Semmes OJ.

J Biol Chem. 2006 Oct 20;281(42):31705-12. Epub 2006 Aug 21.


Emergence of unique primate T-lymphotropic viruses among central African bushmeat hunters.

Wolfe ND, Heneine W, Carr JK, Garcia AD, Shanmugam V, Tamoufe U, Torimiro JN, Prosser AT, Lebreton M, Mpoudi-Ngole E, McCutchan FE, Birx DL, Folks TM, Burke DS, Switzer WM.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 May 31;102(22):7994-9. Epub 2005 May 23.


Discovery of a new human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV-3) in Central Africa.

Calattini S, Chevalier SA, Duprez R, Bassot S, Froment A, Mahieux R, Gessain A.

Retrovirology. 2005 May 9;2:30.


Mass spectrometric contributions to the practice of phosphorylation site mapping through 2003: a literature review.

Loyet KM, Stults JT, Arnott D.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2005 Mar;4(3):235-45. Epub 2005 Jan 7. Review.


The human T-cell leukemia virus Rex protein.

Younis I, Green PL.

Front Biosci. 2005 Jan 1;10:431-45. Print 2005 Jan 1. Review.


The HTLV-I Tax oncoprotein: hyper-tasking at the molecular level.

Wycuff DR, Marriott SJ.

Front Biosci. 2005 Jan 1;10:620-42. Print 2005 Jan 1. Review.


Functional domain structure of human T-cell leukemia virus type 2 rex.

Narayan M, Younis I, D'Agostino DM, Green PL.

J Virol. 2003 Dec;77(23):12829-40.


The peptidyl-prolyl isomerase Pin1.

Joseph JD, Yeh ES, Swenson KI, Means AR, Winkler.

Prog Cell Cycle Res. 2003;5:477-87. Review.


ABRF-PRG03: phosphorylation site determination.

Arnott D, Gawinowicz MA, Grant RA, Neubert TA, Packman LC, Speicher KD, Stone K, Turck CW.

J Biomol Tech. 2003 Sep;14(3):205-15.


HTLV-1 Rex is required for viral spread and persistence in vivo but is dispensable for cellular immortalization in vitro.

Ye J, Silverman L, Lairmore MD, Green PL.

Blood. 2003 Dec 1;102(12):3963-9. Epub 2003 Aug 7.

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