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References for PMC Articles for PubMed (Select 18155743)


Inhibition of HIV-1 entry by antibodies: potential viral and cellular targets.

Phogat S, Wyatt RT, Karlsson Hedestam GB.

J Intern Med. 2007 Jul;262(1):26-43. Review.


Characterization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 monomeric and trimeric gp120 glycoproteins stabilized in the CD4-bound state: antigenicity, biophysics, and immunogenicity.

Dey B, Pancera M, Svehla K, Shu Y, Xiang SH, Vainshtein J, Li Y, Sodroski J, Kwong PD, Mascola JR, Wyatt R.

J Virol. 2007 Jun;81(11):5579-93. Epub 2007 Mar 14.


Rational modifications of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins for immunogen design.

Phogat S, Wyatt R.

Curr Pharm Des. 2007;13(2):213-27. Review.


Efficient protein boosting after plasmid DNA or recombinant adenovirus immunization with HIV-1 vaccine constructs.

Shu Y, Winfrey S, Yang ZY, Xu L, Rao SS, Srivastava I, Barnett SW, Nabel GJ, Mascola JR.

Vaccine. 2007 Feb 9;25(8):1398-408. Epub 2006 Nov 7.


Structure-function analysis of the epitope for 4E10, a broadly neutralizing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 antibody.

Brunel FM, Zwick MB, Cardoso RM, Nelson JD, Wilson IA, Burton DR, Dawson PE.

J Virol. 2006 Feb;80(4):1680-7.


Cardiolipin polyspecific autoreactivity in two broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies.

Haynes BF, Fleming J, St Clair EW, Katinger H, Stiegler G, Kunert R, Robinson J, Scearce RM, Plonk K, Staats HF, Ortel TL, Liao HX, Alam SM.

Science. 2005 Jun 24;308(5730):1906-8. Epub 2005 Apr 28.


Towards an RTS,S-based, multi-stage, multi-antigen vaccine against falciparum malaria: progress at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

Heppner DG Jr, Kester KE, Ockenhouse CF, Tornieporth N, Ofori O, Lyon JA, Stewart VA, Dubois P, Lanar DE, Krzych U, Moris P, Angov E, Cummings JF, Leach A, Hall BT, Dutta S, Schwenk R, Hillier C, Barbosa A, Ware LA, Nair L, Darko CA, Withers MR, Ogutu B, Polhemus ME, Fukuda M, Pichyangkul S, Gettyacamin M, Diggs C, Soisson L, Milman J, Dubois MC, Garçon N, Tucker K, Wittes J, Plowe CV, Thera MA, Duombo OK, Pau MG, Goudsmit J, Ballou WR, Cohen J.

Vaccine. 2005 Mar 18;23(17-18):2243-50. Review.


Broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibody 4E10 recognizes a helical conformation of a highly conserved fusion-associated motif in gp41.

Cardoso RM, Zwick MB, Stanfield RL, Kunert R, Binley JM, Katinger H, Burton DR, Wilson IA.

Immunity. 2005 Feb;22(2):163-73.


Structure and mechanistic analysis of the anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 antibody 2F5 in complex with its gp41 epitope.

Ofek G, Tang M, Sambor A, Katinger H, Mascola JR, Wyatt R, Kwong PD.

J Virol. 2004 Oct;78(19):10724-37.


Dose-ranging studies of the safety and immunogenicity of human papillomavirus Type 11 and Type 16 virus-like particle candidate vaccines in young healthy women.

Fife KH, Wheeler CM, Koutsky LA, Barr E, Brown DR, Schiff MA, Kiviat NB, Jansen KU, Barber H, Smith JF, Tadesse A, Giacoletti K, Smith PR, Suhr G, Johnson DA.

Vaccine. 2004 Jul 29;22(21-22):2943-52.


Early assessment of the efficacy of a human papillomavirus type 16 L1 virus-like particle vaccine.

Brown DR, Fife KH, Wheeler CM, Koutsky LA, Lupinacci LM, Railkar R, Suhr G, Barr E, Dicello A, Li W, Smith JF, Tadesse A, Jansen KU.

Vaccine. 2004 Jul 29;22(21-22):2936-42.


Assembly, structure, and antigenic properties of virus-like particles rich in HIV-1 envelope gp120.

Berkower I, Raymond M, Muller J, Spadaccini A, Aberdeen A.

Virology. 2004 Mar 30;321(1):75-86.


Prevention of cervical cancer through papillomavirus vaccination.

Frazer IH.

Nat Rev Immunol. 2004 Jan;4(1):46-54. Review.


Structure-based, targeted deglycosylation of HIV-1 gp120 and effects on neutralization sensitivity and antibody recognition.

Koch M, Pancera M, Kwong PD, Kolchinsky P, Grundner C, Wang L, Hendrickson WA, Sodroski J, Wyatt R.

Virology. 2003 Sep 1;313(2):387-400.


Vaccines, vaccination, and vaccinology.

Plotkin SA.

J Infect Dis. 2003 May 1;187(9):1349-59. Epub 2003 Apr 15. Review. No abstract available.


A controlled trial of a human papillomavirus type 16 vaccine.

Koutsky LA, Ault KA, Wheeler CM, Brown DR, Barr E, Alvarez FB, Chiacchierini LM, Jansen KU; Proof of Principle Study Investigators.

N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 21;347(21):1645-51.


Effect of the contents and form of rabies glycoprotein on the potency of rabies vaccination in cattle.

Piza AT, Pieri KM, Lusa GM, Caporale GM, Terreran MT, Machado LA, Zanetti CR.

Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2002 Mar;97(2):265-8.

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