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Functional proteomics reveals the biochemical niche of C. elegans DCR-1 in multiple small-RNA-mediated pathways.

Duchaine TF, Wohlschlegel JA, Kennedy S, Bei Y, Conte D Jr, Pang K, Brownell DR, Harding S, Mitani S, Ruvkun G, Yates JR 3rd, Mello CC.

Cell. 2006 Jan 27;124(2):343-54.


Two classes of endogenous small RNAs in Tetrahymena thermophila.

Lee SR, Collins K.

Genes Dev. 2006 Jan 1;20(1):28-33. Epub 2005 Dec 15.


Passenger-strand cleavage facilitates assembly of siRNA into Ago2-containing RNAi enzyme complexes.

Matranga C, Tomari Y, Shin C, Bartel DP, Zamore PD.

Cell. 2005 Nov 18;123(4):607-20. Epub 2005 Nov 3.


microPrimer: the biogenesis and function of microRNA.

Du T, Zamore PD.

Development. 2005 Nov;132(21):4645-52. Review.


Identification and characterization of small RNAs involved in RNA silencing.

Aravin A, Tuschl T.

FEBS Lett. 2005 Oct 31;579(26):5830-40. Epub 2005 Aug 18. Review.


Characterization of Dicer-deficient murine embryonic stem cells.

Murchison EP, Partridge JF, Tam OH, Cheloufi S, Hannon GJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Aug 23;102(34):12135-40. Epub 2005 Aug 12.


Crystal structure of A. aeolicus argonaute, a site-specific DNA-guided endoribonuclease, provides insights into RISC-mediated mRNA cleavage.

Yuan YR, Pei Y, Ma JB, Kuryavyi V, Zhadina M, Meister G, Chen HY, Dauter Z, Tuschl T, Patel DJ.

Mol Cell. 2005 Aug 5;19(3):405-19.


Differential expression of components of the microRNA machinery during mouse organogenesis.

Lü J, Qian J, Chen F, Tang X, Li C, Cardoso WV.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Aug 26;334(2):319-23.


The developmental miRNA profiles of zebrafish as determined by small RNA cloning.

Chen PY, Manninga H, Slanchev K, Chien M, Russo JJ, Ju J, Sheridan R, John B, Marks DS, Gaidatzis D, Sander C, Zavolan M, Tuschl T.

Genes Dev. 2005 Jun 1;19(11):1288-93.


Mice deficient in oocyte-specific oligoadenylate synthetase-like protein OAS1D display reduced fertility.

Yan W, Ma L, Stein P, Pangas SA, Burns KH, Bai Y, Schultz RM, Matzuk MM.

Mol Cell Biol. 2005 Jun;25(11):4615-24.


Structural basis for 5'-end-specific recognition of guide RNA by the A. fulgidus Piwi protein.

Ma JB, Yuan YR, Meister G, Pei Y, Tuschl T, Patel DJ.

Nature. 2005 Mar 31;434(7033):666-70.


Perspective: machines for RNAi.

Tomari Y, Zamore PD.

Genes Dev. 2005 Mar 1;19(5):517-29. Review.


Transcriptional silencing of a transgene by RNAi in the soma of C. elegans.

Grishok A, Sinskey JL, Sharp PA.

Genes Dev. 2005 Mar 15;19(6):683-96. Epub 2005 Mar 1.


Mouse ovary developmental RNA and protein markers from gene expression profiling.

Herrera L, Ottolenghi C, Garcia-Ortiz JE, Pellegrini M, Manini F, Ko MS, Nagaraja R, Forabosco A, Schlessinger D.

Dev Biol. 2005 Mar 15;279(2):271-90.


Dicer-deficient mouse embryonic stem cells are defective in differentiation and centromeric silencing.

Kanellopoulou C, Muljo SA, Kung AL, Ganesan S, Drapkin R, Jenuwein T, Livingston DM, Rajewsky K.

Genes Dev. 2005 Feb 15;19(4):489-501.


Retrotransposons regulate host genes in mouse oocytes and preimplantation embryos.

Peaston AE, Evsikov AV, Graber JH, de Vries WN, Holbrook AE, Solter D, Knowles BB.

Dev Cell. 2004 Oct;7(4):597-606.


SGS3 and SGS2/SDE1/RDR6 are required for juvenile development and the production of trans-acting siRNAs in Arabidopsis.

Peragine A, Yoshikawa M, Wu G, Albrecht HL, Poethig RS.

Genes Dev. 2004 Oct 1;18(19):2368-79.


The role of RNA interference in heterochromatic silencing.

Lippman Z, Martienssen R.

Nature. 2004 Sep 16;431(7006):364-70. Review.

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