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Efficient SIVcpz replication in human lymphoid tissue requires viral matrix protein adaptation.

Bibollet-Ruche F, Heigele A, Keele BF, Easlick JL, Decker JM, Takehisa J, Learn G, Sharp PM, Hahn BH, Kirchhoff F.

J Clin Invest. 2012 May;122(5):1644-52. doi: 10.1172/JCI61429. Epub 2012 Apr 16.


Adaptation of HIV-1 to its human host.

Wain LV, Bailes E, Bibollet-Ruche F, Decker JM, Keele BF, Van Heuverswyn F, Li Y, Takehisa J, Ngole EM, Shaw GM, Peeters M, Hahn BH, Sharp PM.

Mol Biol Evol. 2007 Aug;24(8):1853-60. Epub 2007 Jun 1.


Amplification of a complete simian immunodeficiency virus genome from fecal RNA of a wild chimpanzee.

Santiago ML, Bibollet-Ruche F, Bailes E, Kamenya S, Muller MN, Lukasik M, Pusey AE, Collins DA, Wrangham RW, Goodall J, Shaw GM, Sharp PM, Hahn BH.

J Virol. 2003 Feb;77(3):2233-42.


Nef-mediated enhancement of virion infectivity and stimulation of viral replication are fundamental properties of primate lentiviruses.

Münch J, Rajan D, Schindler M, Specht A, Rücker E, Novembre FJ, Nerrienet E, Müller-Trutwin MC, Peeters M, Hahn BH, Kirchhoff F.

J Virol. 2007 Dec;81(24):13852-64. Epub 2007 Oct 10.


SIVcpz from a naturally infected Cameroonian chimpanzee: biological and genetic comparison with HIV-1 N.

Müller-Trutwin MC, Corbet S, Souquière S, Roques P, Versmisse P, Ayouba A, Delarue S, Nerrienet E, Lewis J, Martin P, Simon F, Barré-Sinoussi F, Mauclère P.

J Med Primatol. 2000 Aug;29(3-4):166-72.


Origin of HIV-1 in the chimpanzee Pan troglodytes troglodytes.

Gao F, Bailes E, Robertson DL, Chen Y, Rodenburg CM, Michael SF, Cummins LB, Arthur LO, Peeters M, Shaw GM, Sharp PM, Hahn BH.

Nature. 1999 Feb 4;397(6718):436-41.


Simian immunodeficiency virus and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 matrix proteins specify different capabilities to modulate B cell growth.

Caccuri F, Giagulli C, Reichelt J, Martorelli D, Marsico S, Bugatti A, Barone I, Rusnati M, Guzman CA, Dolcetti R, Caruso A.

J Virol. 2014 May;88(10):5706-17. doi: 10.1128/JVI.03142-13. Epub 2014 Mar 12.


In vitro susceptibility to infection with SIVcpz and HIV-1 is lower in chimpanzee than in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Ondoa P, Davis D, Kestens L, Vereecken C, Garcìa Ribas S, Fransen K, Heeney J, van der Groen G.

J Med Virol. 2002 Jul;67(3):301-11.


Generation of infectious molecular clones of simian immunodeficiency virus from fecal consensus sequences of wild chimpanzees.

Takehisa J, Kraus MH, Decker JM, Li Y, Keele BF, Bibollet-Ruche F, Zammit KP, Weng Z, Santiago ML, Kamenya S, Wilson ML, Pusey AE, Bailes E, Sharp PM, Shaw GM, Hahn BH.

J Virol. 2007 Jul;81(14):7463-75. Epub 2007 May 9.


Increased mortality and AIDS-like immunopathology in wild chimpanzees infected with SIVcpz.

Keele BF, Jones JH, Terio KA, Estes JD, Rudicell RS, Wilson ML, Li Y, Learn GH, Beasley TM, Schumacher-Stankey J, Wroblewski E, Mosser A, Raphael J, Kamenya S, Lonsdorf EV, Travis DA, Mlengeya T, Kinsel MJ, Else JG, Silvestri G, Goodall J, Sharp PM, Shaw GM, Pusey AE, Hahn BH.

Nature. 2009 Jul 23;460(7254):515-9. doi: 10.1038/nature08200.


The epidemiology of simian immunodeficiency virus infection in a large number of wild- and captive-born chimpanzees: evidence for a recent introduction following chimpanzee divergence.

Switzer WM, Parekh B, Shanmugam V, Bhullar V, Phillips S, Ely JJ, Heneine W.

AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2005 May;21(5):335-42.


Sequence analysis of a highly divergent HIV-1-related lentivirus isolated from a wild captured chimpanzee.

Vanden Haesevelde MM, Peeters M, Jannes G, Janssens W, van der Groen G, Sharp PM, Saman E.

Virology. 1996 Jul 15;221(2):346-50.


Genetic organization of a chimpanzee lentivirus related to HIV-1.

Huet T, Cheynier R, Meyerhans A, Roelants G, Wain-Hobson S.

Nature. 1990 May 24;345(6273):356-9.


env sequences of simian immunodeficiency viruses from chimpanzees in Cameroon are strongly related to those of human immunodeficiency virus group N from the same geographic area.

Corbet S, Müller-Trutwin MC, Versmisse P, Delarue S, Ayouba A, Lewis J, Brunak S, Martin P, Brun-Vezinet F, Simon F, Barre-Sinoussi F, Mauclere P.

J Virol. 2000 Jan;74(1):529-34.


Transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus SIVcpz and the evolution of infection in the presence and absence of concurrent human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection in chimpanzees.

Heeney JL, Rutjens E, Verschoor EJ, Niphuis H, ten Haaft P, Rouse S, McClure H, Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh S, Bogers W, Salas M, Cobb K, Kestens L, Davis D, van der Groen G, Courgnaud V, Peeters M, Murthy KK.

J Virol. 2006 Jul;80(14):7208-18.


Origins of HIV and the AIDS pandemic.

Sharp PM, Hahn BH.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2011 Sep;1(1):a006841. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a006841. Review.


Chimeric HIV-1 containing SIV matrix exhibit enhanced assembly in murine cells and replicate in a cell-type-dependent manner in human T cells.

Chen P, Hübner W, Riviere K, Liu YX, Chen BK.

Virology. 2006 May 25;349(1):1-12. Epub 2006 Mar 23.


Characterization of a new simian immunodeficiency virus strain in a naturally infected Pan troglodytes troglodytes chimpanzee with AIDS related symptoms.

Etienne L, Nerrienet E, LeBreton M, Bibila GT, Foupouapouognigni Y, Rousset D, Nana A, Djoko CF, Tamoufe U, Aghokeng AF, Mpoudi-Ngole E, Delaporte E, Peeters M, Wolfe ND, Ayouba A.

Retrovirology. 2011 Jan 13;8:4. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-8-4.

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