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Bin1 ablation increases susceptibility to cancer during aging, particularly lung cancer.

Chang MY, Boulden J, Katz JB, Wang L, Meyer TJ, Soler AP, Muller AJ, Prendergast GC.

Cancer Res. 2007 Aug 15;67(16):7605-12.


Bin1 ablation in mammary gland delays tissue remodeling and drives cancer progression.

Chang MY, Boulden J, Sutanto-Ward E, Duhadaway JB, Soler AP, Muller AJ, Prendergast GC.

Cancer Res. 2007 Jan 1;67(1):100-7.


Bin1 attenuation suppresses experimental colitis by enforcing intestinal barrier function.

Chang MY, Boulden J, Valenzano MC, Soler AP, Muller AJ, Mullin JM, Prendergast GC.

Dig Dis Sci. 2012 Jul;57(7):1813-21. doi: 10.1007/s10620-012-2147-y. Epub 2012 Apr 18.


Targeted deletion of the suppressor gene bin1/amphiphysin2 accentuates the neoplastic character of transformed mouse fibroblasts.

Muller AJ, DuHadaway JB, Donover PS, Sutanto-Ward E, Prendergast GC.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2004 Dec;3(12):1236-42. Epub 2004 Dec 14.


Transformation-selective apoptotic program triggered by farnesyltransferase inhibitors requires Bin1.

DuHadaway JB, Du W, Donover S, Baker J, Liu AX, Sharp DM, Muller AJ, Prendergast GC.

Oncogene. 2003 Jun 5;22(23):3578-88.


Inhibition of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase, an immunoregulatory target of the cancer suppression gene Bin1, potentiates cancer chemotherapy.

Muller AJ, DuHadaway JB, Donover PS, Sutanto-Ward E, Prendergast GC.

Nat Med. 2005 Mar;11(3):312-9. Epub 2005 Feb 13.


Bin1 attenuation in breast cancer is correlated to nodal metastasis and reduced survival.

Ghaneie A, Zemba-Palko V, Itoh H, Itoh K, Sakamuro D, Nakamura S, Soler AP, Prendergast GC.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2007 Feb;6(2):192-4. Epub 2007 Feb 7.


BAR the door: cancer suppression by amphiphysin-like genes.

Prendergast GC, Muller AJ, Ramalingam A, Chang MY.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009 Jan;1795(1):25-36. doi: 10.1016/j.bbcan.2008.09.001. Epub 2008 Sep 18. Review.


Immunohistochemical analysis of Bin1/Amphiphysin II in human tissues: diverse sites of nuclear expression and losses in prostate cancer.

DuHadaway JB, Lynch FJ, Brisbay S, Bueso-Ramos C, Troncoso P, McDonnell T, Prendergast GC.

J Cell Biochem. 2003 Feb 15;88(3):635-42.


The c-MYC-interacting proapoptotic tumor suppressor BIN1 is a transcriptional target for E2F1 in response to DNA damage.

Cassimere EK, Pyndiah S, Sakamuro D.

Cell Death Differ. 2009 Dec;16(12):1641-53. doi: 10.1038/cdd.2009.98. Epub 2009 Jul 24.


The paradoxical patterns of expression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in colon cancer.

Gao YF, Peng RQ, Li J, Ding Y, Zhang X, Wu XJ, Pan ZZ, Wan DS, Zeng YX, Zhang XS.

J Transl Med. 2009 Aug 20;7:71. doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-7-71.


Loss of heterozygosity and tumor suppressor activity of Bin1 in prostate carcinoma.

Ge K, Minhas F, Duhadaway J, Mao NC, Wilson D, Buccafusca R, Sakamuro D, Nelson P, Malkowicz SB, Tomaszewski J, Prendergast GC.

Int J Cancer. 2000 Apr 15;86(2):155-61.


Targeted disruption of the murine Bin1/Amphiphysin II gene does not disable endocytosis but results in embryonic cardiomyopathy with aberrant myofibril formation.

Muller AJ, Baker JF, DuHadaway JB, Ge K, Farmer G, Donover PS, Meade R, Reid C, Grzanna R, Roach AH, Shah N, Soler AP, Prendergast GC.

Mol Cell Biol. 2003 Jun;23(12):4295-306.


Adenovirus E1A oncoprotein liberates c-Myc activity to promote cell proliferation through abating Bin1 expression via an Rb/E2F1-dependent mechanism.

Kinney EL, Tanida S, Rodrigue AA, Johnson JK, Tompkins VS, Sakamuro D.

J Cell Physiol. 2008 Sep;216(3):621-31. doi: 10.1002/jcp.21437.


c-MYC suppresses BIN1 to release poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1: a mechanism by which cancer cells acquire cisplatin resistance.

Pyndiah S, Tanida S, Ahmed KM, Cassimere EK, Choe C, Sakamuro D.

Sci Signal. 2011 Mar 29;4(166):ra19. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2001556.


Bin1 SRC homology 3 domain acts as a scaffold for myofiber sarcomere assembly.

Fernando P, Sandoz JS, Ding W, de Repentigny Y, Brunette S, Kelly JF, Kothary R, Megeney LA.

J Biol Chem. 2009 Oct 2;284(40):27674-86. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M109.029538. Epub 2009 Jul 26.


Bin1 is linked to metastatic potential and chemosensitivity in neuroblastoma.

Zhong X, Hoelz DJ, Kumar HR, Sandoval JA, Rescorla FJ, Hickey RJ, Malkas LH.

Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2009 Sep;53(3):332-7. doi: 10.1002/pbc.22068.


Bin1: a new player in IBD barrier dysfunction.

Ryu H, Posca D, Barrett T.

Dig Dis Sci. 2012 Jul;57(7):1751-3. doi: 10.1007/s10620-012-2228-y. Epub 2012 May 30. No abstract available.


Neuroendocrine differentiation in the 12T-10 transgenic prostate mouse model mimics endocrine differentiation of pancreatic beta cells.

Gupta A, Wang Y, Browne C, Kim S, Case T, Paul M, Wills ML, Matusik RJ.

Prostate. 2008 Jan 1;68(1):50-60.

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