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Vav1 dephosphorylation by the tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 as a mechanism for inhibition of cellular cytotoxicity.

Stebbins CC, Watzl C, Billadeau DD, Leibson PJ, Burshtyn DN, Long EO.

Mol Cell Biol. 2003 Sep;23(17):6291-9.


Vav1/Rac-dependent actin cytoskeleton reorganization is required for lipid raft clustering in T cells.

Villalba M, Bi K, Rodriguez F, Tanaka Y, Schoenberger S, Altman A.

J Cell Biol. 2001 Oct 29;155(3):331-8. Epub 2001 Oct 29.


Identification of a novel integrin signaling pathway involving the kinase Syk and the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Vav1.

Miranti CK, Leng L, Maschberger P, Brugge JS, Shattil SJ.

Curr Biol. 1998 Dec 3;8(24):1289-99.


Spontaneous clustering and tyrosine phosphorylation of NK cell inhibitory receptor induced by ligand binding.

Faure M, Barber DF, Takahashi SM, Jin T, Long EO.

J Immunol. 2003 Jun 15;170(12):6107-14.


LFA-1 contributes an early signal for NK cell cytotoxicity.

Barber DF, Faure M, Long EO.

J Immunol. 2004 Sep 15;173(6):3653-9.


F-actin dynamics control segregation of the TCR signaling cascade to clustered lipid rafts.

Valensin S, Paccani SR, Ulivieri C, Mercati D, Pacini S, Patrussi L, Hirst T, Lupetti P, Baldari CT.

Eur J Immunol. 2002 Feb;32(2):435-46.


CD94/NKG2A inhibits NK cell activation by disrupting the actin network at the immunological synapse.

Masilamani M, Nguyen C, Kabat J, Borrego F, Coligan JE.

J Immunol. 2006 Sep 15;177(6):3590-6.


Vav family proteins couple to diverse cell surface receptors.

Moores SL, Selfors LM, Fredericks J, Breit T, Fujikawa K, Alt FW, Brugge JS, Swat W.

Mol Cell Biol. 2000 Sep;20(17):6364-73.


Elucidation of the integrin LFA-1-mediated signaling pathway of actin polarization in natural killer cells.

Mace EM, Zhang J, Siminovitch KA, Takei F.

Blood. 2010 Aug 26;116(8):1272-9. doi: 10.1182/blood-2009-12-261487. Epub 2010 May 14.


In contrast to anti-tumor activity, YT cell and primary NK cell cytotoxicity for Cryptococcus neoformans bypasses LFA-1.

Jones GJ, Wiseman JC, Marr KJ, Wei S, Djeu JY, Mody CH.

Int Immunol. 2009 Apr;21(4):423-32. doi: 10.1093/intimm/dxp010. Epub 2009 Mar 4.


Phosphorylation of the LFA-1 integrin beta2-chain on Thr-758 leads to adhesion, Rac-1/Cdc42 activation, and stimulation of CD69 expression in human T cells.

Nurmi SM, Autero M, Raunio AK, Gahmberg CG, Fagerholm SC.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Jan 12;282(2):968-75. Epub 2006 Nov 15.


Lipid Raft is required for PSGL-1 ligation induced HL-60 cell adhesion on ICAM-1.

Xu T, Liu W, Luo J, Li C, Ba X, Ampah KK, Wang X, Jiang Y, Zeng X.

PLoS One. 2013 Dec 3;8(12):e81807. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081807. eCollection 2013.


Tethering of intercellular adhesion molecule on target cells is required for LFA-1-dependent NK cell adhesion and granule polarization.

Gross CC, Brzostowski JA, Liu D, Long EO.

J Immunol. 2010 Sep 1;185(5):2918-26. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1000761. Epub 2010 Jul 30.


T cell LFA-1 engagement induces HuR-dependent cytokine mRNA stabilization through a Vav-1, Rac1/2, p38MAPK and MKK3 signaling cascade.

Ramgolam VS, DeGregorio SD, Rao GK, Collinge M, Subaran SS, Markovic-Plese S, Pardi R, Bender JR.

PLoS One. 2010 Dec 29;5(12):e14450. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014450.


Activation of natural killer cell migration by leukocyte integrin-binding peptide from intracellular adhesion molecule-2 (ICAM-2).

Somersalo K, Carpén O, Saksela E, Gahmberg CG, Nortamo P, Timonen T.

J Biol Chem. 1995 Apr 14;270(15):8629-36.


The molecular adapter SLP-76 relays signals from platelet integrin alphaIIbbeta3 to the actin cytoskeleton.

Obergfell A, Judd BA, del Pozo MA, Schwartz MA, Koretzky GA, Shattil SJ.

J Biol Chem. 2001 Feb 23;276(8):5916-23. Epub 2000 Dec 11.

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