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Mobilization of CD34+ cells in elderly patients (>/= 70 years) with multiple myeloma: influence of age, prior therapy, platelet count and mobilization regimen.

Morris CL, Siegel E, Barlogie B, Cottler-Fox M, Lin P, Fassas A, Zangari M, Anaissie E, Tricot G.

Br J Haematol. 2003 Feb;120(3):413-23.


Preceding chemotherapy, tumour load and age influence engraftment in multiple myeloma patients mobilized with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor alone.

Desikan KR, Tricot G, Munshi NC, Anaissie E, Spoon D, Fassas A, Toor A, Zangari M, Badros A, Morris C, Vesole DH, Siegel D, Jagannath S, Barlogie B.

Br J Haematol. 2001 Jan;112(1):242-7.


Peripheral blood stem cell transplants for multiple myeloma: identification of favorable variables for rapid engraftment in 225 patients.

Tricot G, Jagannath S, Vesole D, Nelson J, Tindle S, Miller L, Cheson B, Crowley J, Barlogie B.

Blood. 1995 Jan 15;85(2):588-96. Review.


Factors that influence collection and engraftment of autologous peripheral-blood stem cells.

Bensinger W, Appelbaum F, Rowley S, Storb R, Sanders J, Lilleby K, Gooley T, Demirer T, Schiffman K, Weaver C, et al.

J Clin Oncol. 1995 Oct;13(10):2547-55.


Factors affecting hemopoietic recovery after high-dose therapy and autologous peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation: a single center experience.

Olivieri A, Offidani M, Montanari M, Ciniero L, Cantori I, Ombrosi L, Masia CM, Centurioni R, Mancini S, Brunori M, Leoni P.

Haematologica. 1998 Apr;83(4):329-37.


Effect of chemotherapy with alkylating agents on the yield of CD34+ cells in patients with multiple myeloma. Results of the Spanish Myeloma Group (GEM) Study.

de la Rubia J, Bladé J, Lahuerta JJ, Ribera JM, Martínez R, Alegre A, García-Laraña J, Fernández P, Sureda A, de Arriba F, Carrera D, Besalduch J, García Boyero R, Palomera Bernal L, Hernández MT, García PR, Pérez-Calvo J, Alcalá A, Casado LF, San Miguel J.

Haematologica. 2006 May;91(5):621-7. Epub 2006 Apr 19.


Factors influencing collection and engraftment of CD34+ cells in patients with breast cancer following high-dose chemotherapy and autologous peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation.

Canales MA, Arrieta R, Hernández-García MC, Ojeda E, Díez J, Calero F, Aguado MJ, Bustos JG, Hernández-Navarro F.

J Hematother Stem Cell Res. 2000 Feb;9(1):103-9.


A prospective randomized trial of two popular mononuclear cell collection sets for autologous peripheral blood stem cell collection in multiple myeloma.

Cooling L, Hoffmann S, Herrst M, Muck C, Armelagos H, Davenport R.

Transfusion. 2010 Jan;50(1):100-19. doi: 10.1111/j.1537-2995.2009.02350.x. Epub 2009 Aug 28.


Pre-mobilization therapy blood CD34+ cell count predicts the likelihood of successful hematopoietic stem cell mobilization.

Fu P, Bagai RK, Meyerson H, Kane D, Fox RM, Creger RJ, Cooper BW, Gerson SL, Laughlin MJ, Koc ON, Lazarus HM.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 2006 Aug;38(3):189-96.


Impact of mobilization and remobilization strategies on achieving sufficient stem cell yields for autologous transplantation.

Pusic I, Jiang SY, Landua S, Uy GL, Rettig MP, Cashen AF, Westervelt P, Vij R, Abboud CN, Stockerl-Goldstein KE, Sempek DS, Smith AL, DiPersio JF.

Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2008 Sep;14(9):1045-56. doi: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2008.07.004.


Collection of peripheral blood stem cells after a preceding autograft: unfavorable effect of prior interferon-alpha therapy.

Singhal S, Mehta J, Desikan K, Siegel D, Singh J, Munshi N, Spoon D, Anaissie E, Ayers D, Barlogie B.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 1999 Jul;24(1):13-7.


Mobilization of peripheral blood progenitor cells with vinorelbine and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in multiple myeloma patients is reliable and cost effective.

Bargetzi MJ, Passweg J, Baertschi E, Schoenenberger A, Gwerder C, Tichelli A, Burger J, Mingrone W, Herrmann R, Gratwohl A, Wernli M.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 2003 Jan;31(2):99-103.


Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) collected after recombinant granulocyte colony stimulating factor (rhG-CSF): an analysis of factors correlating with the tempo of engraftment after transplantation.

Bensinger WI, Longin K, Appelbaum F, Rowley S, Weaver C, Lilleby K, Gooley T, Lynch M, Higano T, Klarnet J, et al.

Br J Haematol. 1994 Aug;87(4):825-31.


Role of CD34+ cells in engraftment after high-dose melphalan in multiple myeloma patients given peripheral blood stem cell rescue.

Millar BC, Millar JL, Bell JB, Raje N, Milan S, Mehta J, Singhal S, Middleton GW, Sheperd V, Catovsky D, Powles RL.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 1996 Nov;18(5):871-8.


Optimization of CD34+ collection for autologous transplantation using the evolution of peripheral blood cell counts after mobilization with chemotherapy and G-CSF.

Delamain MT, Metze K, Marques JF Jr, Reis AR, De Souza CA, Lorand-Metze I.

Transfus Apher Sci. 2006 Feb;34(1):33-40. Epub 2005 Dec 22.

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