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Microbiol Immunol. 1987;31(2):147-54.

Total nucleotide sequences of the infectious cloned DNAs of bean golden mosaic virus.


Complete nucleotide sequences of the infectious cloned DNA components (DNA A and B) of bean bolden mosaic virus were determined. The DNA A (2585 nucleotides) and DNA B (2647 nucleotides) have little sequence homology with each other, but both A and B contain a common region of 205 nucleotides. A possible large hairpin structure is detected in the common region. Nucleotide sequences of DNAs A and B revealed the presence of 8 potential coding regions for proteins (m.w. greater than 10,000). Among them, four open reading frames (ORFs 1-4) encode proteins of m.w. 30,000 or greater, and are individually coded in virion DNA A and B senses (+) and their complementary senses (-), respectively. The other four ORFs 5-8 are in virion DNA B(+) and its complementary sense (-). All of the ORFs 1-4 have regulatory signals for RNA synthesis (TATAA/T) in the region 5' upstream from a potential start codon ATG.

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