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Tissue Cell. 1976;8(3):471-8.

Renewal of the gonads in Styela clava (Urochordata: Ascidiacea) as revealed by autoradiography with tritiated thymidine.


DNA-synthesizing cells in the gonads of the ascidian Styela clava were labeled with tritiated thymidine and detected with autoradiography. In the testis, spermatogonia and primary spermatocytes are labeled after 1 hr. Labeled spermatozoa occur in the lumen of the testis follicles after 10 days and in the sperm ducts after 20 days. In the ovary, only germ cells (oogonia and pre-leptotene primary oocytes) and follicle cells are labeled after 1 hr. By 60 days, oocytes with basophilic cytoplasm (15-65 mu in diameter) are labeled; test cells embedded in larger eosinophilic oocytes (150 mu in diameter) are also labeled. Germ cells give rise to both oocytes and follicle cells. Through continued cell division, follicle cells give rise to test cells.

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