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Matern Child Nurs J. 1993 Jul-Sep;21(3):82-90.

Effects of home visits and telephone contacts on breastfeeding compliance in Taiwan.

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  • 1Kaohsiung Medical College School of Nursing, Taiwan.


The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to test the effects of home visits and telephone contacts on mothers' compliance to breastfeeding in Taiwan. A total of 180 mothers was assigned to three groups: home visit, telephone contact, and control. No significant differences were found between groups. However, multiparas showed a significantly longer duration of breastfeeding and a more positive experience of breastfeeding than primiparas. The best subsets to predict breastfeeding duration were level of breastfeeding easiness and a home visit, which accounted for 20% of the total variance.


180 lactating mothers at the postpartum unit at a large urban hospital in Southern Taiwan were assigned to one of 3 groups (home visit, telephone contact, and control) so the researcher could examine the effects of home visits and telephone contacts on mother's compliance with breast feeding. Compliance was defined as reducing stress, a positive experience and attitude toward breast feeding, and longer breast feeding duration. Nurses made the home visits and telephone contacts. Neither home visits nor telephone contacts had any significant effect on breast feeding compliance. Multiparas were significantly more likely to breast feed longer (F value = 5.62; p 0.05) and to have a positive experience than primiparas (F value = 8.61; p 0.01). The best subsets to predict breast feeding duration was breast feeding easiness (8-12th week postpartum) and home visits (F value = 14.25; p 0.001). These subsets accounted for only 20% of the total variance, suggesting that there are other not-yet-identified factors that contribute to breast feeding compliance in Taiwan. These findings show the need for more research to examine nursing interventions which promote positive breast feeding compliance.

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