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Ann Nutr Metab. 1994;38(4):203-11.

Effects of dietary fibre mixtures on glucose and lipid metabolism and on mineral absorption in the rat.

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  • 1Groupe de recherche en nutrition humaine, Université Laval, Québec, Canada.


Four diets containing different mixtures of dietary fibre (DF) were tested in the rat to verify the effects of fibre source and fibre level on plasma glucose, insulin and lipids and on apparent intestinal absorption of minerals. Diets Puri5 and Puri 10 contained 5 and 10% of total DF from pectin and cellulose. Diets Bran 5 and Bran 10 supplied 5 and 10% DF from oat bran and wheat bran. A fifth diet with 5% cellulose was used as a control. Ten rats were fed each diet for 4 weeks. On days 3, 17 and 28, feces were collected and analyzed for Fe, Zn, Ca and Mg. On day 29, blood samples were collected in portal vein and abdominal aorta in fasted and fed rats from each group. All diets had similar effects on plasma insulin and triglycerides. Compared to Bran diets, Puri diets induced higher portal glucose (p < 0.01) and lower plasma cholesterol (p < 0.03) in fed rats. The apparent absorption of Fe, Zn and Mg was higher (p < 0.05) in rats fed Puri diets than in those fed Bran diets. For Ca, the difference was significant only on day 3. In this study, only the apparent absorption of Fe was affected (p < 0.01) by fibre level (5 > 10%). This indicates that in fibre mixtures, the source rather than the amount of fibre generally affects absorptive and metabolic parameters.

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