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Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1976 Jul 1;125(5):593-6.

Results in treating 210 patients with detrusor overactivity incontinence of urine.


Eighty (72.7 per cent) of 110 patients with detrusor overactivity (in controlled and uncontrolled series) showed improvement with parasympatholytic drug (propantheline bromide or dycyclomine HC1) therapy. Twenty per cent of patients on placebo therapy showed improvement. When standard surgery improved bladder neck funnelling, detrusor overactivity was improved in 77.3 per cent of cases. Surgery failed to improve detrusor overactivity in 54.5 per cent of patients who showed no significant bladder neck funnelling. Bladder neck funnelling appears to be a cause of detrusor overactivity in some women. Results with medical and surgical therapy were not associated with significant change in bladder capacity.

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