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Biotechnology (N Y). 1993 Jul;11(7):807-10.

Delta-(L-alpha-aminoadipyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-valine synthetase, the multienzyme integrating the four primary reactions in beta-lactam biosynthesis, as a model peptide synthetase.

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  • 1Institut für Biochemie und Molekulare Biologie, Technische Universität Berlin, F.R.G.


ACV synthetase forms the tripeptide precursor of penicillins and cephalosporins from alpha-aminoadipate, cysteine, and valine. Catalytic sites for substrate carboxyl activation as adenylates, peptide bond formations, epimerization and release of the tripeptide-thioester are integrated in multifunctional enzymes of 405 to 425 kD. These have been characterized from several pro- and eukaryotic beta-lactam producers. Implications of these results for the thio-template mechanism of peptide formation are discussed, as well as the use of this multienzyme as a model system for enzymatic peptide synthesis.

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