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Am J Phys Anthropol. 1981 Jun;55(2):203-8.

Heritability and components of phenotypic expression in skin reflectance of Mestizos from the Peruvian lowlands.


Skin reflectance was measured on the inner arm and forehead of a sample of 209 Mestizos ranging in age from 2 to 64 years living in the town of Lamas in the Eastern peruvian Lowlands. The sample consisted of 43 father-son, 42 father-daughter, 62 mother-son, and 70 mother-daughter pairs. The sample also consisted of 57 brother-brother, 60 sister-sister and 139 brother-sister pairs. The reflectance measurements were made with a Photovolt Reflection Meter, model 670. Stepwise polynomial regression techniques were used to derive standardized residual values. Then using these residual values parent-offspring, sibling intraclass correlations and components of the phenotype expression of skin reflectance were calculated. The study indicates that 1) the parent-offspring and sibling correlation coefficients conformed with the theoretical correlations expected assuming polygenic inheritance; 2) the husband-wife correlations indicate a high degree of assortative mating for skin color, but despite this effect the parent-offspring and sibling correlation coefficients are lower that the values expected under the influence of autosomal genes; 3) estimates of heritability and components of phenotypic expression indicate that about 55% of the total variability in skin reflectance could be attributed to the influence of additive genetic factors; and 4) there is no evidence of X-linkage in the inheritance of skin color.

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