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Acta Anat (Basel). 1982;113(3):202-10.

[Arterial blood supply of the digestive tract in badgers].

[Article in German]


In 5 dendrohyraxes, 6 heterohyraxes, and 7 procaviae the three main visceral arteries have been studied. In all hyracoidea the Arteria coeliaca divides into the Arteria lienalis, Arteria hepatica communis, and Arteria gastrica sinistra. Occasionally the latter two arteries run together for 7-15 mm before they separate. The Arteria mesenterica cranialis gives rise to the Arteriae pancreaticoduodenales caudales, Arteriae jejunales, Arteria colica media, and Arteria colica dextra and continues as Arteria ileocolica. Some animals had an Arteria colica media accessoria which supplied the first half of the colon descendens. In all other animals the entire colon descendens was supplied by the Arteria colica sinistra which originates in the Arteria mesenterica caudalis. Branches of the Arteria rectalis cranialis extend close to the anus.

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