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J Embryol Exp Morphol. 1982 Feb;67:71-80.

Differentiation of the optic cups from an anophthalmic murine strain, in culture and in intrafoetal grafts.


The optic anlage of the anophthalmic murine strain ZRDCT/an has been studied. In this strain, 70% of the adults are anophthalmic, 30% are one-eyed. The eye primordium appears and starts to differentiate at day 9 of gestation, then it degenerates. At 13 days of gestation, it has practically disappeared. When isolated and cultured in vitro, the 10-day anophthalmic anlage develops in the same way as a control optic-cup culture from a Swiss or C57B16 mouse. When grafted in the back of a 15--17 day Swiss foetus, this 10-day anophthalmic anlage also develops: retina and lens differentiate, the structures which grow are very similar to those obtained when C57B16 optic cups are grafted in the same conditions. It appears from these results that the eye regression of the mutant in situ is not a process intrinsic to the anlage. If withdrawn from its local environmental influences, the eye primordium is able to express its aptitude for differentiation.

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