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Mol Gen Genet. 1982;185(1):93-8.

Cloned truncated recA genes in E. coli. I. Effect on radiosensitivity and recA+ dependent processes.


Plasmids pMH1 and pDR1461, possessing the control region and 22% or 73% of the E. coli recA gene, conferred UV sensitivity to wild-type uvrA, and umuC bacteria. Sensitization was less in recA441 (tif-1) mutants and absent in lexA cells. Radiosensitization correlated with inhibition of recombinational repair, even through induced recA protein synthesis and recombination in Hfr matings were normal. Plasmids pMH1 and pDR1461 also prevented induction of some, but not all, SOS functions. Mutagenic reversion to tryptophan prototrophy and induced reactivation of UV-irradiated phage lambda were eliminated, and the efficiency of lambda lysogenic induction reduced. However, naladixic acid induced filamentous growth, mitomycin-C induced uvrA gene expression and post UV-irradiation DNA degradation control were little changed. Explanations of these effects are discussed which involve the presence of either truncated recA protein or multiple copies of the recA gene control sequence.

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