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Nature. 1983 May 5-11;303(5912):74-7.

Mapping of an endogenous retroviral sequence to human chromosome 18.


The application of recombinant DNA technologies has allowed the detection of at least three families of moderately repetitive DNA segments in the human genome that are homologous to retroviruses previously isolated from mice and primates. One of these DNA segments has been shown by nucleotide sequence comparisons to be distantly related to both Moloney murine leukaemia virus (MoMuLV) and the endogenous baboon retrovirus and to have the sequence organization characteristic of an integrated retrovirus. Isolation of the homologous locus from chimpanzee DNA indicated that the integration event preceded the evolutionary divergence of chimpanzees and man. Here we have used a panel of rodent x human somatic cell hybrids to assign the chromosomal localization of this segment, called ERV1 (endogenous retrovirus-1), to human chromosome 18 (HSA 18).

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