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Am J Clin Nutr. 1983 Apr;37(4):583-94.

Relation between ingested potassium and sodium balance in young Blacks and whites.


The relationship of dietary K+ with Na+ balance in young normotensives was studied. A, In two biracial communities, all children with specified age were stratified by blood pressure level. Children from selected strata collected 24-h urines on ambulatory basis and provided fasting blood for electrolytes and creatinine determination. For the upper percentile ranks (n = 160), the Na+ and K+ clearances correlated closer in Blacks than whites (r = 0.7 versus r = 0.4, p less than 0.005 for difference). B, To test for a causal effect of K+ intake on Na+ excretion, six white and eight Black young healthy normotensive volunteers took 80 mEq KCl daily in addition to their usual diets. They collected 24-h ambulatory urine and stool samples for 3 base-line days, and 4 days during K+ supplementation. Na+ and K+ intake was monitored daily. Upon K+ supplementation, Blacks showed natriuresis (p less than 0.01), negative Na+ balance (p less than 0.05), and a cumulative K+ balance more positive than whites (p less than 0.0001 versus p less than 0.05). Dietary K+ enrichment could affect Na+ balance.

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