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Lab Invest. 1984 Apr;50(4):401-7.

Heterogeneity of myosin antigenic expression in vascular smooth muscle in vivo.


Rabbit antisera elicited against purified human nonmuscle (platelet) and smooth muscle (uterine myometrium) myosins identified distinct species of myosin when frozen sections of a variety of mammalian tissues were examined by immunofluorescence microscopy. Antiplatelet myosin antiserum specifically stained several nonmuscle cell types including epithelial, some connective tissue, and all vascular endothelial (arterial, venous, capillary) cells. Antismooth muscle myosin antiserum stained only smooth muscle and no other cell types. Neither antiserum reacted with rat cardiac (ventricular) or skeletal muscle cells. Antismooth muscle myosin antiserum staining was detectable in medial vascular smooth muscle in all vessels examined from rat, bovine, human, and guinea pig sources (including elastic and muscular arteries, arterioles, venules, and veins). Although antiplatelet myosin antiserum did not stain nonvascular smooth muscle or vascular smooth muscle in muscular arteries, arterioles, venules, or veins, it did uniformly and specifically stain medial vascular smooth muscle in elastic arteries. This staining of elastic arteries was abolished by absorption of antiplatelet myosin antiserum with purified platelet myosin but not uterine myosin. Similarly, the reactivity of antismooth muscle myosin antiserum was abolished by incubation with uterine but not platelet myosin. The differences in staining patterns observed with antiplatelet myosin antiserum and antismooth muscle myosin antiserum in elastic arteries versus other blood vessels suggests a heterogeneity of antigenic expression in vascular smooth muscle myosin. The most likely explanations for this heterogeneity are the presence of different gene products (myosin isozymes) or a posttranslational alteration (possibly conformational) of a single myosin species. Heterogeneity in this important component of the contractile apparatus of vascular smooth muscle may have significant implications for the physiology and pathophysiology of the vessel wall.

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