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Z Parasitenkd. 1983;69(1):73-90.

Schistosoma mansoni: the effects of a subcurative dose of praziquantel on the ultrastructure of worms in vivo.


The in vivo effects of a subcutaneously-administered subcurative dose (200 mg/kg body weight of mouse) of praziquantel on the structure of Schistosoma mansoni was investigated. Worms were collected at varying times post-treatment and processed for both SEM and TEM examination. Praziquantel caused extensive structural changes to both male and female worms within 15 min of treatment although variations in the amount of drug-induced damaged was observed between male and female worms. In female worms although some tegumental vacuolation was observed within 15 min, the major structural change was an often extensive vacuolisation of the subtegumental tissues followed by varying degrees of structural disruption to the subtegumental and gastrodermal musculature. In male worms the initial effects were a vacuolisation of parts of the dorsal tegument and loss of tegumental cytoplasm due to the pinching off of evaginations of the outer surface. With increasing time post-treatment there was an increase in the amount of tegumental damage, particularly in male worms, with total disruption of parts of the outer surface occurring. Also in male worms there was an increase in the amounts of vacuolisation of the parenchymal tissues and in the degree of structural damage to the musculature. In those female worms where subtegumental damage was not extensive changes in the structure of the differentiating vitelline cells were noted.

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