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Brain Res. 1984 May 7;299(1):91-102.

Co-localization of CRF-ir perikarya and ACTH-ir fibers in rat brain.


The distribution of corticotropin-releasing factor immunoreactive (CRF-ir) perikarya and ACTH-ir fibers was examined immunocytochemically, in adjacent sections, in the forebrain and brainstem of the rat. Throughout the nervous system, a remarkable concordance of localization of these neuropeptide systems was noted. Both ACTH-ir fibers and CRF-ir perikarya were conjointly distributed within discrete hypothalamic, limbic and brainstem/autonomic regions previously demonstrated to contain opiate receptors and opiocortin (beta-endorphin, beta-LPH, ACTH) fibers. In view of the demonstrated interactions of CRF with the peripheral (pituitary) opiocortin system, these data suggest the possibility of a similar relationship of CRF and opiocortin systems in the central nervous system as well.

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