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Gene. 1982 Oct;19(3):355-9.

Cloning of Pseudomonas plasmid pMG7 and its restriction-modification system in Escherichia coli.


Plasmid pMG7 of Pseudomonas aeruginosa codes for a type II DNA restriction-modification (r-m) system, PaeR7. This plasmid has not been observed to transfer to Escherichia coli either by conjugation or by transformation. We have cloned BglII linears (42 kb) and the BamHI large fragment (37 kb) of pMG7 into cosmid pHC79 (6.4 kb) and introduced the recombinant molecules into E. coli by in vitro packaging. Several clones were obtained which demonstrated in vivo restriction of phage phi 80. One of these clones, GT138, was further tested and showed in vivo modification of phi 80. Extracts from two clones, GT138 and GT125, yielded a restriction endonuclease activity which produced fragments of phi 80 DNA identical to those produced by PaeR7. Cosmid cloning should be useful for obtaining substantial yields of large fragments of plasmids that are difficult to purify in their native strains.

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