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J Comp Neurol. 1984 Jul 10;226(4):580-96.

The subnuclear distribution of substance P, cholecystokinin, vasoactive intestinal peptide, somatostatin, leu-enkephalin, dopamine-beta-hydroxylase, and serotonin in the rat interpeduncular nucleus.


The distribution of immunofluorescent somata and processes within the interpeduncular nucleus (IPN) containing substance P (SP), cholecystokinin (CCK), vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), somatostatin (SST), leu-enkephalin (L-ENK), dopamine beta hydroxylase (DBH), and serotonin (5HT) was examined in male rats treated with colchicine 48 hours prior to perfusion. Serial sections were examined for immunofluorescence and variations in the density of fluorescence rated 1 + (sparse) to 4 + (dense). The rostral subnucleus contained SP, SST, and L-ENK-positive somata and processes. Substance P and VIP processes were present throughout the rostral subnucleus but were concentrated in two ovoid areas located dorsally in the caudal region of this subnucleus. Cholecystokinin and L-ENK processes surrounded these ovoid areas. The entire width of the central subnucleus was crossed by SP and L-ENK processes oriented horizontally in narrow bands. Substance P processes were also aligned into vertical columns adjacent to the lateral margins of the central subnucleus. Leu-enkephalin and 5HT processes were distributed throughout this subnucleus, while VIP processes were present only caudally. Dopamine beta hydroxylase processes were evenly distributed but were restricted from the vertical columns laterally. The intermediate subnuclei contained a sparse density of SP and 5HT processes that were present in proximity to the major blood vessels penetrating this subnucleus. Only DBH processes were evenly distributed. The lateral subnuclei contained a dense concentration of SP processes. The medial edges of this subnucleus were distinguished by VIP, CCK, L-ENK, and 5HT processes. The dorsal subnucleus contained 5HT, L-ENK, and SST-positive somata and processes. Substance P, VIP, CCK, and DBH processes were also present. Dorsal-lateral subnuclei contained SP, SST, L-ENK, and DBH processes. Interstitial subnuclei contained SP, CCK, L-ENK, 5HT, and DBH processes. This study demonstrates that perikarya and processes containing peptides and monoamines are distributed within subnuclei of IPN in a topographic and heterogeneous pattern. New features of IPN organization are revealed.

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