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J Biol Chem. 1983 Feb 10;258(3):1379-82.

Sequential association of nucleolar 7-2 RNA with two different autoantigens.


Anti-Th serum from a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus immunoprecipitates from both human and mouse cell extracts small ribonucleoproteins containing 7-2 RNA, 8-2 RNA, and the Ro RNAs. Human 7-2 RNA, which must be complexed with protein to be antigenic, is about 300 nucleotides long and has mostly pG at its 5' end. A related 7-2 RNA, precipitated by anti-La antibody, gives identical Tl and pancreatic RNase fingerprints, but has more pppG at its 5' end. La 7-2 RNA is, therefore, likely to be a precursor of Th 7-2 RNA. The synthesis of 7-2 RNA in isolated nuclei exhibits a pattern of sensitivity to alpha-amanitin that is characteristic for RNA polymerase III transcription. Thus, 7-2 RNA can be added to the list of mammalian RNA polymerase III transcripts that initially bind the La protein and then become incorporated into other types of antigenic RNP particles.

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