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Aust J Biol Sci. 1984;37(5-6):351-66.

Isolation of arboviruses from insects collected at Beatrice Hill, Northern Territory of Australia, 1974-1976.


Between October 1974 and May 1976, 57 596 mosquitoes, 169 957 Culicoides, 5923 Lasiohelea and 1043 phlebotomines were collected for virus isolation at Beatrice Hill (lat. 12 degrees 39'S.,long. 131 degrees 20'E.) in the Northern Territory of Australia. A total of 94 viruses belonging to 22 different serological groupings was isolated. The following species of insect yielded viruses which were identified and those viruses marked with an asterisk represent a new record of insect host: Culex annulirostris: Ross River, Kokobera, Barmah Forest, Corriparta, Eubenangee*, Wongorr; Anopheles amictus: Mapputta*; An bancroftii: bovine ephemeral fever*; An farauti: Eubenangee*; An annulipes: Mapputta; Culicoides marksi: Barmah Forest*, Belmont, Eubenangee*, Wallal, Warrego, Leanyer*, Parker's Farm*, Humpty Doo*; C. peregrinus: Beatrice Hill*; C. oxystoma: Bunyip Creek*, Marrakai*; C. pallidothorax: Wongorr*; C. histrio: Thimiri*; Lasiohelea spp.: Humpty Doo*. Pools of mixed species of Culicoides yielded bluetongue, Belmont, CSIRO Village, Warrego and Facey's Paddock viruses. Filter-passing agents not yet identified, were isolated from Cx annulirostris and An bancroftii. As well as providing new locality records for all but one of the 22 viruses isolated, the study yielded five new viruses (bluetongue serotype 20, CSIRO Village, Marrakai, Beatrice Hill and Humpty Doo viruses) and a new record for Thimiri virus which had not been recorded previously in Australia nor had it been isolated from an arthropod. Nine of the viruses isolated occur in more than one family of Diptera.

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