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Gene. 1984 Dec;32(3):409-17.

Sequence of the promoter region of the gene for human X-linked 3-phosphoglycerate kinase.


We have determined the sequence of an 812-bp BamHI-EcoRI restriction fragment containing the 5' region of the human gene for PGK (3-phosphoglycerate kinase or ATP:3-phospho-D-glycerate 1-phosphotransferase; EC The fragment contains 450 bp 5' to three start points for transcription (located by primer extension and S1 nuclease mapping), a leader sequence 85-94 bp long, the first exon of gene (65 bp), and part of the first intron. The promoter region is extremely G + C-rich, lacks a TATA box, and has an 8-bp direct repeat. A comparison of the promoter region for PGK with other promoters on the X-chromosome reveals homology with the promoter for HPRT, but not with the operator for factor IX.

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