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Virology. 1984 Oct 15;138(1):82-93.

The nucleotide sequence of the env gene and post-env region of bovine leukemia virus.


The env gene of a bovine leukemia virus (BLV) tumor-derived proviral DNA clone has been located by comparison of the translated DNA sequence with amino acid sequence data on purified gp60 and p30env (A. M. Schultz, T. D. Copeland, and S. Oroszlan (1984) Virology 135, 417-427). There is a continuous open reading frame from the N terminus of gp60 for 1446 nucleotides; gp60 is predicted to contain 268 amino acids and p30env, 214. The predicted p30env shows structural features typical of type C viral transmembrane proteins. It is also clearly related to that of the human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV), as predicted from the DNA sequence of Seiki et al. (M. Seiki, S. Hattori, Y. Hirayama, and M. Yoshida (1983) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 80, 3618-3622) The two proteins show 36% identities in their amino acid sequence, in an alignment requiring six gaps. More distant relatedness is also seen between BLV p30env and both murine leukemia virus p15E and Rous sarcoma virus gp36. The gp60s of BLV and HTLV are more distantly related than their p30envs, but their homology is nonetheless statistically significant. Between the presumptive terminator of the env gene and the beginning of the 3'-long terminal repeat is a region of 1817 base pairs of unknown function. Just as in the HTLV post-envelope sequence, there are at least two reading frames which are open for a significant fraction of this region. In neither the tumor-derived clone nor a clone from a virus-producing cell line, however, is there a continuous open reading frame throughout the region. Comparison of the BLV and HTLV sequences within the post-envelope region revealed a very limited but possibly significant similarity.

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