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Am J Physiol. 1979 Jul;237(1):H59-65.

Microvascular myogenic reaction in the wing of the intact unanesthetized bat.


Microvascular dimension and flow responses to stepwise changes in arterial and venous pressures, ranging from zero to +100 mmHg and zero to -75 mmHg have been recorded. Observations were made in arterioles, terminal arterioles, and precapillary sphincters in the wing web of intact, unanesthetized bats. The results show for all categories of vessels that with reduced transmural pressures there is a progressive increase in mean diameter and a decrease in rhythmic vasomotion rate. Flow changes are variable. For elevated transmural pressures there is a vasoconstriction with drastic flow reduction that is inconsistent with metabolic control. However, after prolonged elevation of pressure there is a progressive increase in flow, suggesting a "metabolic escape". Computed wall tension remains reasonably constant for a wide range of transmural pressures, suggesting that wall tension may be the controlled variable. These findings support the hypothesis of a myogenic reaction as a mechanism for maintenance of basal vascular tone in the intact unanesthetized bat.

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