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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1979 Jun 5;546(3):481-97.

A chloroplast membrane lacking photosystem II. Thylakoid stacking in the absence of the photosystem II particle.


The polypeptide composition and membrane structure of a variegated mutant of tobacco have been investigated. The pale green mutant leaf regions contain chloroplasts in which the amount of membrane stacking has been reduced (although not totally eliminated). The mutant membranes are almost totally deficient in Photosystem II when compared to wild-type chloroplast membranes, but still show near-normal levels of Photosystem I activity. The pattern of membrane polypeptides separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis shows several differences between mutant and wild-type membranes, although the major chlorophyll-protein complexes described in many other plant species are present in both mutant and wild-type samples. Freeze-fracture analysis of the internal structure of these photosynthetic membranes shows that the Photosystem II-deficient membranes lack the characteristic large particle associated with the E fracture face of the thylakoid. These membranes also lack a tetramer-like particle visible on the inner (ES) surface of the membrane. The other characteristics of the photosynthetic membrane, including the small particles observed on the P fracture faces in both stacked and unstacked regions, and the characteristic changes in the background matrix of the E fracture face which accompany thylakoid stacking, are unaltered in the mutant. From these and other observations we conclude that the large (EF and ES) particle represents an amalgam of many components comprising the Photosystem II reaction complex, that the absence of one or more of its components may prevent the structure from assembling, and that in its absence, Photosystem II activity cannot be observed.

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